FX announces new Alien series, Shogun reboot, and more new shows

FX intends to revive old franchises and start some more of its own.

Star Wars and Marvel weren't the only sources of sci-fi news at Disney Investor Day 2020. The presentation also included updates from cable-network-turned-Hulu-subsect FX, which announced a series reviving one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises in existence: Alien.

During the presentation, FX chairman John Philip Landgraf announced many new updates to the FX platform on its new home within Hulu, including four more seasons of longest-running live-action sitcom series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and another season of adult animation series Archer. However, the most exciting update was in the announcements for new shows.

Alien on FX/Hulu

Landgraf announced a new FX Original Series based on Sir Ridley Scott's classic science fiction horror franchise Alien, created by Fargo and Legion series mastermind Noah Hawley in collaboration with Sir Ridley Scott. According to the announcement, it will be the first Alien story set on Earth. "It's going to be a scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats," said Landgraf.

Ripley and Jones the cat in 'Alien.'

20th Century Studios

This is a huge reveal, as the Alien franchise has remained strictly on the silver screen since its beginning in 1977. However, with Ridley Scott recently returning to direct with HBO Max's Raised by Wolves, perhaps it's time for a new era of Sir Ridley Scott in our media. There's no release date on this series yet, but just knowing a new medium of this beloved property is coming is exciting enough.

Alien on FX does not have a release date.

Shogun on FX/Hulu

Richard Chamberlain in the 1980 miniseries 'Shogun.'


After the Alien announcement, Landgraf announced "one of the most sweeping, sophisticated, and adult series FX has ever created," a retelling of James Clavell's 1975 novel Shogun. A Shogun miniseries was previously announced in 2018, but this announcement came with names attached — Game of Thrones director Tim Van Patten. Shogun was previously given the miniseries treatment in 1980 in a nine-hour series starring Richard Chamberlain and samurai movie legend Toshiro Mifune.

Shogun on FX does not have a release date.

American Horror Stories on Hulu/FX

Yet another third series based on an existing franchise was announced, American Horror Stories, an anthology series spinoff of Ryan Murphy's hit series American Horror Story. While American Horror Story adopts a different story every season, be it a murder house, asylum, or coven, American Horror Stories will cover a different story every episode. Not much is known about the series so far, but it sounds an awful lot like The Twilight Zone with Ryan Murphy in Rod Serling's chair, sure to be a draw in the future.

With three new revivals to already beloved IPs, FX is sure to provide something for everyone as they settle into their new home as FX on Hulu.

American Horror Stories on FX does not have a release date.

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