Ahsoka May Break the Biggest Star Wars Rule

What makes a Jedi?


Ahsoka has always been a rebel. Whether it’s getting on Anakin’s nerves with her spunky nature or turning her back on the Jedi Order that raised her, she’s not one to play by the rules. With her upcoming series Ahsoka only a week away, fans are waiting to see just how she’ll change Star Wars as we know it, and the answer may involve tearing down one of the franchise’s foundational pillars.

To promote Ahsoka, Disney has released several featurettes that use footage from Star Wars’ past to emphasize the steps the new series is following in. Initially, this just muddied dialogue from previous movies and shows, but as more teasers were released, clues began adding up to an obvious reveal.

The first teaser showed different masters and apprentices, from Obi-Wan and Anakin all the way to Luke and Rey. Included in that lineage were Ahsoka and Sabine Wren, which makes some sense, as we know Sabine will use her Darksaber knowledge to wield Ezra Bridger’s old lightsaber. But the comparison to the other duos makes it seem like Sabine is in Jedi training, which shouldn’t be possible since Sabine isn’t Force-sensitive.

But more evidence kept piling up. Executive producer Dave Filoni said in a featurette, “I’m telling this story about this mentor-student relationship that passes from Anakin to Ahsoka to Sabine. It’s quite extraordinary to bring this to life.” Another clip shows Sabine in the blindfold helmet Luke used in his first Jedi lessons, while another shows Ahsoka saying, “When the stakes are this high, it takes a master and an apprentice,” over shots of her and Sabine.

The final piece of evidence is especially convincing. In the official trailer, Sabine says, “You never made things easy for me, Master.” In the teaser featuring Dave Filoni, we see Ahsoka saying, “There is nothing easy about being a Jedi” in the same scene. Could that be Ahsoka’s response to Sabine’s statement, essentially confirming Sabine is in Jedi training?

Ahsoka and Sabine’s master and apprentice relationship may go beyond lightsaber training.


There are only two ways Sabine could be in Jedi training. Either Sabine is now Force-sensitive, retconning what we know about her from Rebels, or Ahsoka is training her even though she isn’t connected to the Force. Neither is a straightforward solution, but they feel like the only options for explaining this increasingly obvious plot twist.

Will Ahsoka change everything we know about Sabine, or change one of the first rules of Star Wars and make anyone open to being a Jedi? Or is Ahsoka rebelling again by re-imagining what being a Jedi even means? There’s no clear, canon-friendly answer, but we’ll find out which one is accurate in just a few days.

Ahsoka premieres August 23, 2023 on Disney+.

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