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Ahsoka Theory Solves the Finale's Biggest Unanswered Question

Mythology both in-universe and out may finally reveal what Baylan Skoll's plan is.


After seven weeks and eight episodes, Ahsoka’s finale wasn’t exactly satisfying. While Ezra made it back to Hera and the New Republic, so did Thrawn, and he’s now vying to restore the Empire. But the most intriguing mysteries are still on Peridea, where Ahsoka and Sabine are stuck with the Noti villagers Ezra lived with.

They’re not alone. Baylan Skoll is on his own path, seeking some mysterious goal that will lead to a “new beginning.” Just what is his plan? Some clever Easter eggs and a non-canon Eldritch god may hold the answer.

Redditor PloKoop suggests Baylan’s plan is connected to the statues we see him standing on in our last glimpses of the season. They’re clearly representations of the Mortis Gods from The Clone Wars: Baylan is on the outstretched hand of The Father, and next to him is the Son.

Baylan on the arm of the Father.


The theory suggests Baylan plans to release a Mortis god we haven’t seen in canon yet: The Mother, also known as Abeloth. In the now non-canon Legends timeline, Abeloth was a Mortis God who rebelled against the others and was imprisoned. Perhaps her prison can simply be moved to Peridea. It’s where the Purrgil space whales go at the end of their lives, so why not send Abeloth there as well?

A sneaky mythological reference provides more evidence. In Norse mythology, Skoll and Hati are wolves who chase the sun and moon. When they finally catch them, Ragnarok begins. Baylan implied that he’s looking for his own Ragnarok, and by unleashing the monstrous Abeloth he would tear down the structure of the Force as we know it.

The Daughter, the Father, and the Son featured in The Clone Wars, but we haven’t seen The Mother yet.


In Legends, Abeloth is known as the Bringer of Chaos. While Baylan may look like an honorable knight, wreaking havoc on the galaxy is the perfect way to tear down the oppressive Jedi/Sith duality he despises. It would also explain his Episode 6 comment that something is “calling” to him: it’s hard to ignore the call of a literal deity.

Releasing Abeloth would be a game-changing move, one that would introduce a villain even scarier than Palpatine. But Ahsoka’s always been about big swings: that’s how the action ventured into another galaxy in the first place.

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