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Adria Arjona isn't in Good Omens Season 2, but she's down for more Morbius

The witch will not, in fact, be back.

Adria Arjona has hopped into all sorts of franchises. She’s currently playing headstrong Ferrix resident Bix Caleen in Rogue One prequel Andor, and only months earlier she co-starred in Morbius as Martine Bancroft. But fans of the Prime Video Neil Gaiman adaptation Good Omens recognize the actress as Anathema Device, the witch who helped prevent the apocalypse.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll learn much more about the character, but Arjona has plenty to say about her varied genre career. Yes, that includes her thoughts on “It’s Morbin’ Time.”

When Inverse asked Arjona about the possibility of Anathema Device appearing in Good Omens Season 2, she got straight to the point. “No, I’m not in it,” she says. “I really wanted to, but no, I’m not.”

Anathema was the daughter of witch and prophesier Agnes Nutter. Nutter’s book, The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, led Anathema to Tadfield, where she befriended Adam, the antichrist. Together with witchfinder Newt Pulsifer, they aid in preventing the apocalypse. Just another day at work.

Adria Arjona as Anathema Device in Good Omens Season 1.

Prime Video

While Arjona won’t be returning to the series, she still’s thrilled about getting to play Anathema at all. “That’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played,” she says.

Another favorite character was Martine Bancroft, the co-worker and love interest of Dr. Michael Morbius in Morbius. While the fervent wave of memes that emerged after the film’s release had a somewhat different interpretation of the film, Arjona didn’t see any of them.

“I did [Morbius] and then I jumped right onto another set in the middle of Mexico with no reception, which might have been a good thing,” she says, laughing. “I heard people really liked it. I heard people kind of had problems. Can you enlighten me, please? People keep asking.”

Arjona as Martine Bancroft in Morbius.

When asked if she saw any “It’s Morbin’ Time” memes, Arjona had a gracious answer. “No, I didn’t,” she says. “God, I’m so thankful I didn’t have any wi-fi.”

Regardless of the fan response, Arjona would jump at the chance to return to the Morbius universe. “It’s Marvel, of course!” she says. “I loved my character. I want to see how Martine’s story continues, especially after the movie. After her transformation [into a vampire], what does that mean? What did she go through?”

If one thing is clear from her stance on these two wildly different genre projects, it’s that Adria Arjona loves the characters she plays. She gave all her power to Anathema, took on a franchise with Martine, and now, with Bix Caleen in Andor, she has the chance to make an even bigger impact on genre TV.

Andor premieres September 21 on Disney+.

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