A Quiet Place Part III Delay Hints at Cillian Murphy’s Return to 28 Years Later

Another day, another apocalypse.

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Cillian Murphy loves watching society crumble. Whether he’s waking up in the early stages of the zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later or living in a world overrun by blind aliens in A Quiet Place Part II, the end of the world seems to gravitate toward him. Murphy’s schedule has been pretty full these days, especially after his role in Oppenheimer, but a new delay could allow him to return to the apocalyptic role that kickstarted his career.

The Quiet Place franchise has returned to the spotlight after the release of a teaser for the upcoming prequel A Quiet Place: Day One. According to Entertainment Weekly, Day One may be the only movie in the series we’ll see for a while, as Quiet Place Part III is no longer on track for its previously announced 2025 release date.

Murphy in A Quiet Place Part II.

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While this may be a blow to all you Quietheads out there, this development has a bright side. Cillian Murphy was likely to reprise his role as Emmett for Part III, but without that commitment in the near future, he’s now free for projects he’s already shown a vested interest in.

Sony has recently acquired Danny Boyle and Alex Garland’s 28 Years Later, the long-awaited sequel to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Murphy is already an executive producer, but initial reports were murky about whether he would also star. A delay to A Quiet Place Part III makes the chances of him finding the time to return to post-zombie Europe a lot better.

Could Cillian Murphy return to post-apocalyptic London?

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After the smash success of Oppenheimer earned him an Academy Award nomination, Murphy surely has his pick of projects, but one he’s already involved in on the production side is probably going to get priority. That said, there’s another option for what could replace A Quiet Place in his filming schedule.

Deadline recently announced that Murphy and Alan Moloney will produce a new movie called Steve for Netflix, which Murphy will star in. The film will launch their new production company, Big Things Films, and production will begin this spring. So while 28 Years Later involves Murphy, it looks like Steve involves him more, meaning it will probably be his immediate focus. However, with Steve filming soon and no schedule set for 28 Years Later, it’s very possible Murphy could appear in both. We still know little about 28 Years Later, but any prospect of a connection to what made the first film so great is welcome.

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