This 'Sense8' Season 3 Fan Theory Says Whispers Is Actually Jonas

The villainous Whispers might not be who you think. 


No matter what changes in the plot, there are two constants in the Wachowskis’ Netflix series Sense8: Each season features orgies, and the main villain is a sinister man named Whispers. But a new Reddit theory about Season 3 challenges that second statement by suggesting that the show’s real threat is actually Jonas.

Sense8 centers around eight people from different cultures around the world who have a mental connection that enables them to communicate. In Season 1, they discover their status as “sensates,” negotiate their mental bonds, and learn about a nefarious man known as Whispers who hunts their kind. In Season 2, they learn more about Biologic Preservation Organization — the shadowy group Whispers works for. The Season 2 finale sees the sensates kidnapping Whispers, seemingly getting the upper hand in this conflict. But not so fast.

According to one fan on Reddit, the notorious sensate hunter Whispers might not be the person Sense8 has led the audience to believe he is: Milton, played by Terrence Mann.

Riley, Will, and Whispers in 'Sense8' Season 2


Rather, it’s Jonas (Naveen Andrews). And there’s actually ample evidence supporting this theory.

Throughout the show, Jonas has appeared whenever the sensates need guidance. As a fellow sensate with a link to their departed “mother,” Jonas has acted as a mentor, educating them about their new abilities. When Will Gorski first meets Jonas in Season 1, his fellow police officers classify Jonas as dangerous. After Jonas helps Will aid Nomi in escaping the hospital, it seems apparent to both Will and the audience that the image of Jonas as a dangerous man is merely propaganda. But that original picture might be accurate.

“The only reason we know Milton as Whispers is because Jonas tells Will that is what he and Angelica call him….That is the thing Keyser Soze does,” the Reddit user writes, linking this Sense8 theory with The Usual Suspects.

Not only has Jonas always been the source of information about Whispers, but his Season 2 resurrection is also suspicious. In Season 2, when Jonas is captured by BPO, the sensates think he dies. They’re startled when he appears again, and his explanation for why he’s still alive is vague.

He tells them that the chairman of BPO — the only person more powerful than Whispers — saved him in order to use him as a weapon against Whispers. “It’s a painful irony, but my life is tied to Whispers,” he says.

Jonas in 'Sense8' Season 2


“My theory is that the whole kidnapping of Jonas was staged by Jonas and The Chairman,” the fan writes. “This seemed like Jonas was completely in cahoots the whole time, and that he is actually ABOVE Milton (and always has been) in BPO.”

This would imply that Milton is still a sensate hunter, but he is not as high-ranking as Whispers, who is the man the audience knows as Jonas. To take a further leap, because the show has yet to introduce this mysterious chairman on-screen — if Jonas is not Whispers, he could very well be the chairman of BPO.

Sense8 Season 3 has not yet been renewed for a third season on Netflix, but expect news in the coming months.

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