The Ultimate Pokémon Gift Guide

Give the gift of tiny monsters this holiday season. 


Tis the season for all things Pokémon, and that just so happens to coincide with holiday gift-giving this year, so why not give the best present of all: more Pokémon stuff. Pokémon merch covers everything from home goods to adorable plushies, meaning it’s no trouble finding something perfectly suits the Poké-fan in your life. We’ve devised a handy gift guide to help you wade through the wealth of options out there.


So snuggly. 

The Pokémon Company

Pokémon’s main schtick is to collect as many cute and cuddly creatures (well, many of them are cute and cuddly) so why not pursue that in real life, too? The Pokémon Company sells a huge array of lovingly recreated Pokémon plushies for that very, profitable purpose. Many of these plushies are otherwise only available at Pokémon Centers in Japan and cover popular Pokémon across all generations of the series.

This Awesome Ghost Pokémon Sweater

Train in style. 


Ghost Pokémon are a worthy addition to your team and your wardrobe, as evidenced by this sharp Ghost-themed sweater, prominently featuring the likes of Gengar, Misdreavus, Drifloon, and many more. PopComet makes nerdy apparel in a number of different sizes and styles to accommodate any fashion preference.

A Pikachu Portable Charger

Harness Pikachu's electrical powers. 


With the mess of new Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO, we’re going to need some extra juice while we’re out in the field. You could opt for a plain old battery pack — but wouldn’t this Pikachu charger make a better gift? We sure think so.

Pokémon Travel Posters

Missingno. didn't make the cut for this promotional poster. 


These beautifully-drawn travel posters feature scenery from all of your favorite locations in the original Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow games. They offer just a twinge of nostalgia, portraying scenery from popular locales including quiet Pallet Town, bustling Celadon City, and the Safari Zone. Plus, they look so nice they won’t even confuse house guests uninitiated in the ways Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Official Strategy Guide Collector’s Vault

A fine tome, indeed. 

The Pokemon Company

This is the perfect gift for any book collectors turned Pokémon fans that you’re fond of. Strategy guides are largely obsolete in this age of the Internet, but this collection is so much more than that. Gorgeously bound, the guide features original artwork, lithographs, a huge map, and a leather-bound travel journal and pen. It’s well worth the splurge for any fan.

Pokémon Stickers

Sticker collecting is cool again. 

Rikku Cute Crafts 

Etsy is home to a vast collection of adorable, hand-drawn Pokémon stickers. These are our favorites, though you’ll find stickers in all manner of styles. They’re perfect for decorating your laptop or Nintendo 3DS, making them the perfect accessory for a Pokémon fan.

3DS Accessories

This case looks especially slick on the black 3DS. 


This sparkly Pikachu case for the new Nintendo 3DS XL features a gold finish, and of course Pikachu’s cute little face. It adds a bit more personality to your handheld while also keeping it safe from scratches and damage.

A Growlithe Mug

What a great way to wake up every morning. 

The Pokémon Company

Mugs might be the one collectible we can all get behind. They’re useful, they often come in fun designs, and they’re generally affordable. The Pokémon Company is on top of things with a fine selection of Pokémon mugs that vary from old-school nostalgia to adorable Vulpixes frolicking about. We like this one featuring Growlithe the best.

Pokémon Sun and/or Moon

Some of the best 'Pokémon' games in years. 

The Pokémon Company

Of course, if the person you’re shopping for still doesn’t have a copy of the latest Pokémon games, this is something that begs an immediate remedy. Pokémon Sun and Moon aren’t afraid to try new things and this 20-year-old franchise really benefits from that. Systems are more streamlined. There’s a host of brand new Pokémon that are all well-designed, a change from some other recent Pokémon games that had some oddball Pokémon, to say the least. The world of Alola is beautiful, and the story is surprisingly affecting. There’s hours of good stuff packed into this little cartridge.

Sure, Pokémon has been around for awhile now, but it has yet to show its age, and it’s a viable gift for anyone who still geeks out over Pikachu and friends. If you don’t see something in this list that suits, be sure to scope out the likes of Etsy, Amazon, and the official Pokémon Store for more inspiration. Happy shopping!

You can buy everything on this list without ever setting foot in a Poké Mart. 

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