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Is 1899 Season 2 renewed? Everything we know about the Netflix show's future

When will we visit the Prometheus again?

1899 proved that Dark creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar haven’t lost their ability to craft a delightfully complicated story. Season 1 followed immigrants on a ship to America as they encountered the liner’s abandoned sister ship. Over the course of its eight episodes, 1899 told a story about love that transcended language barriers, class, and racism, all while a metaphysical and existential mystery unspooled.

Season 1 ended with a huge cliffhanger, so where does the show go from here? Here’s everything we know about the future of 1899. Spoilers for Season 1 ahead!

How did 1899 Season 1 end?

After seven episodes of weird portals to other worlds, a crystalline substance taking over the Kerberos, and the Prometheus just zapping out of existence, we finally learned what’s happening to Maura, Eyk, and the other passengers.

The last moments of Episode 8 revealed that everything we’ve seen so far is a simulation created by Maura but taken over by her brother, Ciaran. Everyone on the ship is actually in stasis onboard a spaceship called the Prometheus, and the year is really 2099.

The spaceship Prometheus in the last moments of 1899 Season 1.


Will there be a Season 2 of 1899?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season yet. Considering the cliffhanger ending, and the creators’ track record with one of Netflix’s first international original hits in Dark, it does feel like Season 2 is inevitable. But we’ll only know when Netflix gives the word, so don’t count your plots before they’re twisted.

How many seasons will 1899 have?

Assuming Netflix is happy with viewership data, 1899 is planned to have three seasons, much like Dark. Baran bo Odar told IndieWire “Season 1 is about establishing a big theme, a big thing. Let’s see if there’s a Season 2, and then we’ll start playing with that theme, and have a resolution ideally in the third season.”

Dark had a stellar Season 3, so this plan is promising. However, the show will have to overcome Netflix’s tendency to cancel shows after two seasons.

The advanced technology used in 1899’s production may mean a longer wait for a possible Season 2.


When will Season 2 of 1899 come out?

1899 was an expensive production that used the cutting-edge technology dubbed “The Volume,” and the reveal that it’s now a sci-fi series isn’t going to help the budget. This means there will probably be a longer wait between seasons of 1899 than there was between seasons of Dark.

1899 entered production in 2020, so a two-year timeline isn’t unheard of. Patience is a virtue, and if our heroes can cope with being thrown forward two centuries, you can wait two years.

1899 is streaming on Netflix.

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