problems in paradise

Tesla Model Y has a major flaw, Sandy Munro says: 'I'd be sacking the guy'

Tesla's all-electric compact sport utility vehicle still needs some improvements.


You need to play the best racing game free on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

Gotta go fast.


Musk Reads: Leaked docs may show when Tesla will launch its $25,000 car

Tesla’s $25,000 car may have a release date, Starlink comes to the UK, and Starship prepares to fly.


Uber and Lyft are shaping cities in one deeply unexpected way

Car ownership seems to be increasing once ride-sharing comes to town

New Model

Musk Reads: Tesla updates the Model 3

SpaceX prepares for a Super Heavy feat, Tesla delivers a record number of vehicles, and Starlink expands into more countries.


Tesla Model S 2021: incredible photos show high performance EV in action

Tesla's all-electric sedan has been spotted with some impressive design tweaks.

Going Green

Musk Reads: Elon Musk responds to the Apple car

Musk offered Tesla to Apple and SpaceX plans a Super Heavy launch. What currency will Mars use?

Green Apple

Apple car: release date, self-driving tech and specs for rumored EV project

Apple may be building an electric car with advanced battery technology, and it could arrive soon.

2020 Vision

Musk Reads: The 12 Days of Musk, Part 1

This has been a bumper year for Tesla, SpaceX, and Musk, and we’re running through the highlights of 2020.


12 days of Musk: Elon Musk's 2020, in song 🎵

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO had a busy year in his quests to get to Mars and develop electric cars.

market watch

Tesla stock price: What joining the S&P 500 may mean for its meteoric rise

“Buy the rumor, sell the news.”


Bones may be the future of battery design

Scientists are turning to an unlikely source of inspiration for next-gen batteries.