Representation of clean energy technology in the future of automobiles.

This self-healing material could fix your dinged-up car in 30 minutes

Good news for people who can’t park.

Electric vehicles depend on batteries that contain lithium, which can be difficult to source.

This novel technology could jump-start electric vehicle production

Researchers have proposed a more sustainable, efficient way to source sought-after lithium.

Futuristic looking electric car and charging station. e-car and substainable green energy and transp...

Electric vehicles depend on chargers — this truth may be their greatest obstacle

A chicken in every pot and a charger in every garage? Not for everyone.

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Rivian R1S Review: The best electric SUV yet

Rivian takes its successful electric truck formula and gives it the three-row SUV treatment

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A single color is reason enough to buy a Jaguar XF

The XF is a lovely luxury limo, but I can’t wait for the inevitable EV powertrain.

Toy vintage car on wooden background

Are self-driving cars safe? The tipping point rests on a psychological illusion

Opinion: Adopting autonomous vehicles is a question of psychology as much as of technology.

Boiling point
(Original Caption) In action here in the revolutionary vehicle that, according to inventor, Elie P. ...

Can cars run on water? The science of a TikTok conspiracy theory, explained

This crap again?

Vintage illustration of a family of four playing a board game, while their futuristic electric car a...

Beam-steering radio technology could help autonomous cars finally hit the road

This innovation could fundamentally change how we move around a city.

The all-electric F-150 Lightning from Ford is displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles,...

Electric vehicles are too expensive. Here are 6 ways to make them cheaper.

Our government has the power to lower EV prices with some simple and equitable changes.

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Range Rover is the rich person’s ride for 1 simple reason

It’s always been comfortable, luxurious, and effortlessly capable. Now it does all of that even better.

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Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 2022 review: Price, specs, interior, and one glorious feature

Step 1: Look GoodStep 2: Sound GoodStep 3: Profit!


How a genetically-engineered tomato could help solve a global health crisis

Plus: A massive driving headache could soon be a thing of the past.

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One simple thing makes the Nissan Z a perfect sports car

Manual transmissions have been relegated to a bare handful of cars. So what's the enthusiast to do?

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid review: Price, specs, and one annoying thing

As a plug-in EV stepping stone, the Flying Spur Hybrid does the job. But now I just really want a full-electric ultra-luxury sedan.

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F-150 Lightning Review: Why it’s the most important EV ever made

Ford has taken the best-selling vehicle in the country and created a Built Ford Tough EV version.


Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz: Specs, dimensions, size, and price for the 2022 microtrucks

Here's what you need to know.