Netflix's Fake New Year's Midnight Countdown Video Lets You Go to Bed Early

Useful for putting the kids to sleep or for simply calling it a night. 

Every New Year’s party inevitably has one smartass who begins bellowing the “TEN! NINE! EIGHT!” countdown 12 minutes before the main event, just to see which jolly drunks chime in. Now thanks to Netflix, that guy can make his claims seem more authentic with some backup footage.

Netflix is offering a fake countdown geared towards parents who want to trick their kids into thinking it’s midnight — thereby hopping into bed earlier.

“You’re invited to celebrate the most famous ten seconds of the year, whether it’s midnight or not!” — actual line from Netflix’s advertisement for this lie.

There are six countdown options with themes ranging from Care Bears & Cousins to Inspector Gadget. Each is under three minutes long. We recommend the Inspector Gadget one — it includes a token party-mingling scene and a snowboarding cartoon dog. Your party guests will have to be a special level of inebriated to believe that’s part of the Times Square scene.

Is this crueler than Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy? Will Party Smartass Guy abuse it to make your New Year’s Eve rougher than it already has the potential to be? Time will answer these questions in a matter of hours — but be careful not to be duped by the number of hours.

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