December Was a Big Month for UFO Sightings

Conspiracy theorists are saying tons of flying saucers are lurking around the ISS, and NASA's been calling UFO sightings 'Santa Claus.'

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British rags are long known for exaggerating the facts. This weekend, one such paper, the Sunday Express, wrote an article on this Mister Enigma YouTube video called “UFO’s All Over The Place During Soyuz Docking With ISS On September 15th, 2015 (Extended)”. It was just one of a few articles this holiday season that alleged proof of extraterrestrial life.

“UFOs All Over the Place” starts with the docking of the Russian Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft at the International Space Station. That same vessel brought the first British astronaut Tim Peake to space.

A voiceover notes: “This video, which was taken by the International Space Station on Tuesday is the best piece of UFO evidence in years.” It claims that you can see UFOs floating by calmly and zipping right off and then asks you to, “Just sit back and watch.” There are some tiny glowing lights that pop up all around, kind of. Maybe these are very miniature alien lifeforms? Almost like a cosmic Derek Zoolander center for alien ants. The voice then notes that he’s surprised NASA even aired this footage, that it wasn’t cut off like most UFOs seen on its live stream.

In November, Inverse interviewed a witness to a UF0 sighting in Murrieta, California, named Savannah. Her description of the wacky experience runs along the same line as the Mister Enigma video.

“It was orange and yellow with a bright star-like shape. Then it slowly started to disappear and started to turn into a white dot that just kept getting bigger and had a long white tail on it… it looked like it exploded in the air and the whole sky illuminated into a huge white circle.” Truly some real life X-Files business.

On December 18, The Mirror wrote about a selfie taken by a Russian woman, Olesya Podkorytov, who was supposedly photobombed by an alien on an airplane. She says she didn’t even notice the thing until she uploaded it to social media and the conspiracy comments started flying in. To be fair, that actually looks like an alien. Pretty sure it isn’t, but really, it’s convincing.

We come in peace. 

Olesya Podkorytov

A few days later, The Daily Mail reported that Dona Hare, a supposed former NASA employee with very high clearance, claims that the company used “Santa Claus” as the codename for three UFO sightings. She says she saw photos doctored to remove unidentified flying objects and astronauts who came in contact with UFOs quarantined.

With a full moon this Christmas Eve, there must have been plenty of light to spot either the real Santa Claus or these flickering spaceships — both had an equal likelihood of actually appearing.

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