'Star Wars: Force Awakens' Is More Like the Original Trilogy Than the Prequels

Positive-to-mixed reactions form the new 'Star Wars' movie's premiere says this is the movie we're looking for.

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The time has come for someone other than George Lucas to see the new Star Wars movie, so on Monday night J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and the entire Force Awakens crew assembled with a real live audience at the world premiere of the new movie in Los Angeles.

While actual reviews are embargoed until Wednesday the journalists, fans, and celebrities in attendance Monday night took to social media to express their spoiler-free opinions about the newest installment in the long-running saga.

The buzz on social media ranges from the totally geeked-out to muted responses about how people should temper their expectations. Here are some of the earliest reactions from the premiere:

The Good

The Okay

The Awesome

That’s what they thought, but get thee to your nearest theater (because it’s literally playing everywhere) this Friday to see The Force Awakens for yourself.

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