Marvel Will Introduce a New Falcon in January 2016

Sam Wilson's first year as Captain America has opened the floor to a new Falcon. But who is it?

Comic Book Resources, Marvel

The “All New, All Different” Marvel Universe is in full swing. Comic Book Resources has an exclusive on Marvel’s January 2016 offerings, including new issues for Ms. Marvel, Invincible Iron Man, and The Vision.

And Captain America: Sam Wilson, which could be a must-read. The fifth issue, slated for January, is teasing someone new assuming the identity of the Falcon. Only Sam has ever flown as the Falcon. Whoever steps into those wings will become a major player in the publication’s mythology.

Comic Book Resources, Marvel

It’s a new name to a legacy, so let the speculation begin. Of course, if you’re an expert like I am, there’s only one name that matters, and Marvel announced him over a year ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Falcon is: STEPHEN COLBERT.

Stephen Colbert as 'The Falcon,' which is accurate and 100% correct.


Kidding. Honestly, your best guess is as good as mine. Amadeus Cho taking over as the Hulk was such a left-field scenario, Marvel is making hash of predictions lately. It could well be a character no one has seen before.

Last week saw the release of Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, and already people don’t like the job he’s doing. But maybe it’s just growing pains. He has to fill in the boots of Captain America, after all. Dude has Super Soldier feet.

I’m less concerned over whether or not who will be the Falcon and more about the Falcon’s place in the new status quo. Will he (or she?) fly solo or join the rest of the Avengers? What will this Falcon do differently that Sam didn’t? And that cover looks dark enough to ask…could the new Falcon be an enemy?

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