'Smash Ultimate's DLC fighter 5 is likely this sword-wielding Capcom hero

We'll finally learn who the 75th character is on January 16.


The 5th DLC fighter coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be announced on January 16. Earlier this week, Nintendo of America finally revealed that game director Masahiro Sakurai would host a 35-minute “in-depth look” at the 75th character in Smash Ultimate’s roster. There’s a lot of evidence suggesting it could be an iconic Capcom character.

Nintendo’s YouTube channel will start the broadcast at 9 a.m. Eastern, and we’ll finally learn what Sakurai and his team have been working on since the November release of Terry Bogard from the the Fatal Fury series. It’s unclear if the new character will be released Thursday, Nintendo usually teases its Smash Ultimate DLC content first, then releases it about a month later.

Nintendo has confirmed the fifth fighter will arrive by the end of February, so it still has some time to work with. The reveal will finally put the flood of rumors, alleged leaks, and fan speculation of the last few months to rest.

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Who will ‘Smash Ultimate’ fighter 5 be?

By now, everyone from Ryu Hayabusa from Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden series to Geno from the SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars have been rumored for Smash Ultimate. But Nintendo might once again add a character from a beloved Capcom franchise: Devil May Cry.

Earlier in January, the DMC Twitter account announced that there will be some kind of surprise on January 16, the same day Nintendo will reveal the next Smash Ultimate fighter. That has led many fans to believe that the Dante, the protagonist of the DMC series will be the next playable character. It’s totally possible.

Dante in 'Devil May Cry V'.


The Smash Ultimate roster currently includes three Capcom characters: Mega Man, Ryu, and Ken. Bayonetta was also added to Super Smash Bros. 4 in 2016 and created by Hideki Kamiya, the same person who made the DMC series. In other words, Sakurai has a history of collaborating with Capcom and seems to believe that Kamiya’s work belongs in the fighting game.

Nintendo has also ported the first two DMC games to the Switch and is currently working on bringing DMC 3 to the hybrid console by February 20. Current DMC director Hideaki Itsuno, also told Game Informer in February 2019 that he’d rather see the series ported to Switch before joining Smash Ultimate. WIth more than one DMC installment soon to be playable on the Nintendo console, a SSBU collab between Itsuno and Sakurai makes more sense.

The fifth Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC is expected to arrive before the end of February.

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