Here's exactly what time ‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 6 releases on Disney+

And everything we know about the next episode's plot.


Friday is quickly becoming our favorite day of the week thanks to a certain 50-year-old alien baby, and after last week’s cliffhanger ending, The Mandalorian Episode 6 might be the most anticipated release on Disney+ so far. But at what time exactly will the latest episode of Mando and Baby Yoda’s space adventures drop? And what do we already know about The Mandalorian Episode 6?

Here’s what you need to know so you can watch The Mandalorian Episode 6 at the exact time it releases on Disney+.

When exactly is the Mandalorian Episode 6 release time?

As always, Disney+ is doing it’s best to make watching new episodes of The Mandalorian when they premiere as difficult as possible. Episode 6 will release on the streaming service at 3 a.m. Eastern time. We’re basing this off the fact that this is when every episode so far has premiered — Disney never officially confirmed when new Mandalorian episodes air.

To be fair, that 3 a.m. time slot is nothing new. Netflix does the same thing, presumably because 3 a.m. Eastern time is midnight in California where both companies are based, but if there’s a good reason why new streaming shows can’t drop at a more reasonable time — like how HBO shows air at 9 p.m. Eastern on Sundays — I haven’t heard it.

Cara Dune in 'The Mandalorian'.


What do we know about the plot and synopsis of Mandalorian Episode 6

Not much, though we do have a semi-official synopsis. A while back, brief plot summaries for Episodes 4-6 seemingly leaked, and, so far, those have all proven to be correct. Here’s what they reveal about Mandalorian Episode 6:

The Mandalorian joins a crew of mercenaries on a dangerous mission.

Of course, that could mean just about anything. Will we see any familiar faces? Maybe Fennec Shand isn’t as dead as we thought? Or perhaps the Gina Carano’s ex-Rebel soldier Cara Dune will make another appearance — according to IMDb she’s in at least two more episodes of The Mandalorian.

Beyond that synopsis, we also have to assume last week’s cliffhanger will be addressed. Who was that mysterious figure investigating Fennec Shand’s lifeless body? Theories range from Boba Fett (alive somehow) to Luke Skywalker on a secret mission in between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, but the most likely guess is probably Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) who’s listed on IMDb as appearing in just one episode of Mandalorian this season.

How all this relates to the “official” Episode 6 synopsis remains to be seen, but with just three episodes left before Mandalorian Season 1 comes to an end, the show may need to speed things up if it plans to offer any real resolution to its biggest mysteries.

The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney+.