New Kylo-Rey photo fuels rumors of a "Force-flash" duel in 'Star Wars 9'

This icy planet is getting a lot of screentime.


While Rey and Kylo Ren may not be smooching in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it seems they will be working through their tensions with a whole lot of lightsaber dueling. (Seriously, they seem to be fighting a lot in Episode IX, including atop the Death Star.) In a screenshot from the latest TV spot for the film, Rey stands at the foot of a long staircase, blue lightsaber at the ready. Presumably, she’s facing Kylo Ren once more, though it’s only the side of his robes and red lightsaber that are visible.

Warning: potential spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We’re talking leaks here!

It’s very possible this shot is part of the long-rumored “Force flash” fight and Kylo and Rey have teleported to Kijimi as part of their long duel. A leak from Making Star Wars first revealed the pair would duke it out in a galaxy-spanning fight, which would beam them onto different planets. The Episode IX trailers have already showcased some of the locations of their confrontations and a new photo from the film reveals yet another Rey and Kylo showdown.

The screenshot was posted to Reddit by user FeyWatch and, based on the wreckage that surrounds them, it might be that Kijimi will also be ransacked by the First Order. The only way to tell this is really Kijimi is because of the snow on the ground. The planet, notable for its icy, mountainous terrain, is also home to the Thieves’ Quarter where Zorri Bliss hangs out. Moreover, it’s also the location of C-3PO and Zorri’s escape from the Knights of Ren. It seems a sizable chunk of The Rise of Skywalker will take place here.

Another MSW leak claimed Kylo would transport Darth Vader’s helmet from his position on Kijimi to transport it to Rey on the Star Destroyer. It’s unclear whether this would happen before or after the fight alluded to in the image, but it’s yet another instance Kijimi is relevant to Episode IX.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about the photo is the figure in the back. Is this Emperor Palpatine? It’s a long shot, but someone is definitely watching. Clearly, the planet holds far more importance than as a momentary backdrop for Kylo and Rey. it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out to be the location of Palpatine’s hiding spot, after all.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20.

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