'Star Wars 9' leaks reveal which characters kiss — fans may be disappointed

This mystery smooch ended up being even more random than we thought.


Official footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hasn’t hinted at any potential romance, but a leak from Making Star Wars earlier this week implied the film would include a kiss. On Thursday, MSW editor Jason Ward confirmed who’s doing the kissing and honestly … we’re not that impressed.

Warning! Speculative spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

For many Kylo Ren and Rey fans (whose relationship name has been dubbed “Reylo”), The Rise of Skywalker was the last chance for a possible romance — or at least a romantic moment — between the pair. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daisy Ridley discussed whether their connection will be a romantic one in Episode IX.

Director J.J. Abrams does “deal with [it],” Ridley says of the Reylo relationship. It’s not at all clear what that means, other than that their Force connection will be further explored.

Reylo will still be a thing, just not a romantic thing.


As for the kiss itself, The Den of Nerds recently interviewed Ward about the latest wave of Star Wars leaks. Ward revealed the smooch will be between two random female Resistance fighters. Ok, so it’ll be another Avengers: Endgame moment, in which Disney attempts to include the LGBTQ community, but through random characters and not the core group. The new Star Wars films have avoided big romantic gestures between any of the core cast, so they’re offering fans an alternative for Episode IX.

Interestingly, Ward also revealed the film was supposed to confirm Finn had a crush on Rey, but reshoots changed that storyline to more of a Finn and Rose pairing. With the reshoots, there’s really no telling what will make it into The Rise of Skywalker, but fans can at least bank on the fact that Rey and Kylo’s connection will still be central to the story.

Rose Tico shared an adventure with Finn in 'The Last Jedi'.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

On the subject of leaks, Ward’s interview also revealed a fascinating detail about Darth Vader’s helmet. On the planet of Kijimi, Kylo “strikes” his lightsaber to Vader’s helmet and is able to transfer the object to Rey on a Star Destroyer. It’s not clear how this actually plays out in the story, why Kylo would do this, or how Rey ends up on a Star Destroyer, but it’s a fascinating little detail.

This new morsel about Vader’s helmet lends weight to fan theories that speculated Kylo and Rey’s bond had grown so strong that they were able to teleport themselves and objects to the other’s location. If Ward is correct, fans should expect a lot of teleportation in Episode IX. Teleporting items might not be as good as a kiss, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20, 2019.

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