'Diablo 4' release date, bosses, classes, and other Blizzcon leaks and rumors

Blizzard might finally be listening to diehard 'Diablo' fans.


Blizzard’s demon hacking, undead slashing dungeon crawler is widely anticipated to make a triumphant comeback on the opening day of Blizzcon 2019. A flurry of recent leaks have essentially confirmed the announcement of Diablo 4 at the Anaheim, California gaming expo on Friday.

Update: Blizzard revealed Diablo 4 at Blizzcon on Friday. Read more!

It’s also been seven years since the release of Diablo 3, which isn’t even the longest fans of the fantasy series have waited for a new installment. There was a twelve-year gap between Diablo 2 and 3 with only one expansion coming a year after the second entry was released in 2000.

Diablo 3 has received two expansion packs since its 2012 launch, which appeased fans through the years. But last year’s cringe-worthy reveal of Diablo Immortal — a mobile-only version of the game — disappointed fans across the board. Blizzcon 2019 is Blizzard’s shot to make up for 2018’s public face-plant with a massive announcement, and everything that’s been floating around online about the next Diablo game suggests it to be a worthy successor of the third.


When is the Diablo 4 release date?

Blizzard published its Blizzcon 2019 schedule earlier in this month, which listed four secret 45-minute panels. One of them is largely anticipated to be reserved for Diablo 4.

A 2018 report from Kotaku confirmed that Blizzard began working on Diablo 4 as early as 2014. Two unnamed Blizzard tipsters told the publication that the game had “changed drastically” over the course of its development and that it had undergone at least two iterations under different creative directors. But 2019 seems to be the year it will finally spread its skeletal wings.

What could Blizzard be planning for these four time slots?Blizzard

Blizzard is expected to announce Diablo 4 on Friday with a teaser trailer, which should contain a vague release date window. It’s still unclear exactly when it might be released, but it could be a while.

Diablo 3 was revealed four years before it came out so it wouldn’t be out of character if Blizzard announces a far off release date, like 2022 or 2023.

What will Diablo 4 look like?

An alleged leak published Thursday but Redditor /u/PracticalBrush12 suggested that Diablo 4 will be more brutal than ever. The leaker appears to be either purposefully leaking game details before they’re announced for the publisher to stir up online hype or an insider that’s close to many developers and is revealing their secrets behind their backs.

PracticalBrush 12’s has previously correctly leaked two legendary Pokémon for the upcoming Sword and Shield installments and accurate information about Ghost Recon Breakpoint before it was released. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about Diablo 4’s aesthetic.

Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross - no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time! Locations are toned down, infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, grayish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it…Blood splatters look more like blood and not splashed jam too.

They said it would be a “wink” at the pure metal badassery that made Diablo 2 a fan favorite. The new installment is also expected to mark the return of an old-school villain…

Who will be the boss battles in Diablo 4?

An unlockable boss in Diablo 2, Lilith, will likely make a comeback as mainstay baddie in Diablo 4. A page out of the “The Art of Diablo” was leaked on Twitter by World of Warcraft twitter account WeakAuras on Monday.

The leak revealed that Blizzard is planning a much grander rework of the succubus queen. Her sketch in the book reveals she’ll be a kind of gothic dark angel with massive gargoyle wings replacing her original spider-like appendages.

Yet another leaked page from the 'Art of Diablo' book reveals the second coming of Lilith in 'Diablo 4.'WeakAuras

WeakAuras’ leak seems to also be legitimate. Blizzard has recently made “The Art of Diablo” available for preorder on Amazon with a set release date of November 3, the same day Blizzcon 2019 ends. So fans might even see Lilith featured in the eventual Diablo 4 teaser trailer.

To top things off, PracticalBrush12 also revealed who gamers will be able to fight Lilith as.

What classes will be playable in Diablo 4?

The previously mentioned Reddit leak also mentioned three playable classes, all of which were included in Diablo 2. There will likely be at least two more classes in the final game, since Diablo 2 and 3 originally shipped with five playable classes each.

Here’s a breakdown of the characters PracticalBrush12 said will be included in Diablo 4:

Mage (uses fire, ice and lightning so far), barbarian (swords, clubs, axes, kicks etc), and druid (lightning, wind, and transforming into beasts - so far bear and werewolf!)

The leak also said players might also be able to battle each other in a player-vs-player mode, but PracticalBrush12 stated he couldn’t confirm this rumor. Blizzard fans will need to wait for the Friday’s announcement to be sure, but it seems like Diablo 4 will be a direct call back to the beloved Diablo 2 in more ways that one.

Diablo 4 is expected to be announced at Blizzcon 2019 on November 1.

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