Freddie Stroma Will Shake Up 'Game of Thrones'

Sam's brother suggests a brand new storyline. 

Game of Thrones is making a valiant effort to keep its super secret off-the-books Season Six super secret and off the books, but the internet is all about disclosure. Thanks to enterprising fans, we know The Hound is not dead, Jon Snow is dead but probably not for good (and might have a twin), and Ned Stark is coming back flashback style. Now, with the casting of actor Freddie Stroma as Sam’s brother Dickon Tarly, we know how little we know. The book readers and show watchers are suddenly in the same boat headed toward, well, somewhere.

Here’s a question you might ask yourself: “Why is adding that guy who wouldn’t stop hitting on Hermione in Harry Potter significant? Surely casting Ian McShane as his probable father is a bigger deal?”

Dickon Tarly — aside from having an amazing name for a character who is statistically likely to be a dick — has garnered only the briefest of mentions in the books so far, as the Tarly heir and favored, non-Sam son. Casting Dickon hints at a Tarly family reunion storyline that not only isn’t in the books, but could forge ahead and spoil book events that have yet to occur — just like Shireen’s death at the end of last season.

With this latest casting, Game of Thrones continues to be not only the biggest show on TV but a fascinating cultural experiment in “A Clash Of Canons.” Maybe George R.R. Martin should change his next book’s name.

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