All the 'AHS: 1984' Episode 5 Easter eggs you probably missed

Did Montana reference 'Ghostbusters'?


With all of Camp Redwood’s terrifying events having happened in just one night, American Horror Story: 1984 finally wrapped up the first half of its horror-themed story with the arrival of the campers. But while the long night was finally over, Season 9’s storyline has only just begun.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 9, Episode 5 of American Horror Story.

With five episodes behind us and many of the characters either dead, in jail, or stuck in a new kind of hell, AHS: 1984 ventured into new territory this week. Ahead of the second half of Season 9, here are five things you may have missed in Episode 5, including all the fun references to Ghostbusters and Friday the 13th.

Montana is thrilled about being in Purgatory, but there are probably consequences.


5. Camp Redwood is Purgatory

It’s still unclear how death works in AHS: 1984 — like why only some deaths created ghosts— Montana solidified the “Camp Redwood as Purgatory” idea when she excitedly announced they could be gods in this place. In Christianity, Purgatory is considered the place where all sinners go to cleanse themselves of wrongdoing in life before entering heaven. So, we’ve got Ray, who basically killed that fraternity pledge back in college, and Montana, who plotted to kill Brooke by way of the Night Killer. Growing impatient, she just decided to finish the deed herself, but it was Brooke who ended up murdering her instead. They’re joined by good ol’ camp counselor Jonas, though exactly what his sin is remains to be seen.

Who you gonna call?


4. Montana references Ghostbusters

When Montana lands in Purgatory after being killed by Brooke, she is thrilled. To the dismay of Ray and Jonas, however, she changes the sound of her voice and accent, declaring that she is no longer Montana, “only Zuul,” before laughing it off as a joke. It’s a quick moment, but Zuul is a reference to the Ghostbusters demigod who possesses Sigourney Weaver’s body in the film. It’s fitting because Ghostbusters was originally released in 1984 (AHS: 1984, get it?). Now that she’s in Purgatory, Montana is convinced that she is also a god like Zuul. Clearly, she didn’t get the memo that she isn’t allowed to leave Camp Redwood, so she’s in for a rude awakening.

Mr. Jingles has pledged his loyalty to Satan. 


3. Mr. Jingles now worships Satan

There was nothing creepier than watching Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, meander through Camp Redwood in Episode 5. If you recall, he’d been resurrected at the end of Episode 4 and with his new life, Satan’s apparently gifted him with loads of new information. But that’s not where the devil’s apparent generosity in saving souls ended. Episode 5 saw the demise of Mr. Jingles at the hands of Xavier. That should’ve been the end, right? Nope. It seems dear Satan thought Jingles was worthy enough to bring him back from the dead. However, he would only be allowed a second chance at life if he swore loyalty to him. Though we didn’t see Jingles pledge his allegiance, he and the Night Stalker later stole a police car to road trip to Los Angeles, so it’s clear Jingles has a new master now.

AHS: 1984 definitely referenced Jason's drowning. 

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2. Chet drowns in a lake a la Jason in Friday the 13th

Chet managed to survive a booby trap and a spike through the shoulder without dying, but how was he supposed to know Margaret took him out canoeing to kill him? That’s right, this scene was a clear reference to the horror film, Friday the 13th, in which Jason Voorhees famously drowned in Crystal Lake as a child. AHS: 1984 draws clear inspiration from the plot of the film, right down to being set at a camp that had previously closed due to murder. Now that Camp Redwood is Purgatory, Chet could pop back in as a ghost to haunt the grounds, especially since he’s one of the only characters whose backstory and sins have yet to be discovered.

Margaret thinks she can get away with murder. Again.


1. Margaret is repeating history

Although Margaret was revealed to have been behind the original Camp Redwood killings, she continued playing the victim in Episode 5. When the kids showed up for camp and saw Brooke had killed Montana, the police showed up to arrest her and investigate what happened. Naturally, Margaret saw fit to accuse Brooke for killing everyone at the camp, just like she blamed Mr. Jingles all those years ago. Margaret is clearly deranged and quick to point fingers so she can continue killing in peace. Though history has a way of repeating itself, it never plays out in exactly the same way. Margaret might get what’s coming to her, after all.

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