'AHS 1984' Episode 4 review: 3 questions after that huge Margaret reveal

Did Satan really resurrect the Night Stalker?


Even after all the big twists in Season 9, Episode 3, American Horror Story: 1984 still managed to throw a few surprises into Episode 4, just enough to make the episode worthwhile. Though the reveals weren’t as shocking, they did answer a few questions that have been kicking around since the beginning of the season, and the key reveal came in the discovery of Margaret’s true history with Mr. Jingles.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for AHS: 1984 Episode 4.

That’s right, it turns out Margaret Boothe is the real killer behind the 1970 Camp Redwood massacre. Was anyone surprised? After all, she’s been a prime suspect and a shady person from the start. Still, even though Margaret’s backstory shed some light on what’s really going on in AHS: 1984, her big reveal didn’t provide answers to everything. There are still several loose threads and subplots to explore.

With that in mind, here are three questions we still have after Season 9, Episode 4.

Who resurrected the Night Stalker?


3. Did Satan really resurrect the Night Stalker?

While the Night Stalker was in awe of being in Mr. Jingles’ presence at first, his ego got the best of him. They duked it out for a while before Mr. Jingles finally got the upper hand and sent the Night Stalker head-first into a branch, killing him instantly.

Later, Donna watched in horror as the serial killer was resurrected, presumably by Satan. Now, Richard Ramirez was a noted Satan worshipper, but are we supposed to believe that the devil played a part in his rise from the dead? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. The best-case scenario is that something else is at play.

Perhaps Ramirez was resurrected by the same thing that brought back the ghost camper. Last week, I pondered whether Ray was still alive. He was killed by Mr. Jingles, but considering it was on camp grounds, he could still be alive. However, it’s possible these two deaths have nothing to with each other. Was the Night Stalker revived because he bonded with Margaret in Episode 2? After all, he didn’t kill her when he had the chance, so maybe his connection with her helped him survive. The possibility shouldn’t be ruled out.

Jonas was a camp counselor in 1970 and could be haunting Margaret.


2. WTF is up with the ghost camper, and does he know Margaret’s secret?

Jonas, formerly the mystery hitchhiker, first appeared in the Season 9 premiere. That he was actually there during the original Camp Redwood massacre turned out to be the first major twist of the season. Although he survived being hit by the counselors’ car on their way to camp, he was later murdered by the Night Stalker in Episode 2. But even the serial killer was shocked to discover that Jonas was actually a ghost. However, Jonas hasn’t appeared since the reveal.

Was he a witness to Margaret’s murder spree? Did he threaten to tell her secret, prompting her to kill him to keep it quiet? The fact that he’s a ghost is the one thing that’s thrown Margaret for a loop so far. After all, she wouldn’t set up hop at the old camp if she’d known the place was haunted. Either way, something bigger is at play and Jonas is somehow involved.

American Horror Story: 1984 stars Emma Roberts as Brooke.


1. Is Brooke the key to saving Camp Redwood, or is there more to her history?

While Brooke managed to survive the insanity at Camp Redwood, she’s the only one who looks completely innocent thus far. Every other character is either dead or has sinister connections. Everyone except Brooke, that is. Is she really who she claims to be? Is there more to her past that hasn’t been revealed? Granted, Brooke did already share her story. However, unlike the others, she served as more of a witness to the crime than an active participant. Plus, that was her version of the story, so she could have twisted the truth. Unreliable narrators and all that.

Perhaps Brooke is being set up as the final girl, the innocent victim who ends up surviving the horror at Camp Redwood. Is she the key to saving everyone else from Margaret? Did she lie about her story knowing exactly who Montana was? Given that Maragaret’s reveal as the Camp Redwood killer happened so soon, there has to be more to come, right? Is Brooke the reason why there are ghosts at the camp? Possibly. While there’s been no reason to doubt her just yet, that’s exactly what makes her all the more suspicious.

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