'Big Mouth' Season 3: Nick Kroll confirms theory about Lola's origins

Do you remember 'PubLIZity'?

Big Mouth co-creator Nick Kroll voices a staggering number of characters from Netflix’s comedic animated fantasy series about a bunch of 7th graders going through puberty, including several of the main characters. During the Big Mouth Season 3 New York Comic Con panel on Thursday, October 3, Kroll confirmed the most obvious Big Mouth fan theory about the origins behind the fan-favorite foul-mouthed girl Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy that he also voices. Yes, she’s essentially the kid version of Liz G.

In Big Mouth, Lola is the ill-tempered girl who says outrageous things like “You Mike and Ike-eating bitch!” or “Now all you fuckwads that say I’m not a model can munch my brunch hole!” She obsesses over her relationship with fellow popular girl Devin, bullies Andrew to date her in Season 2, breaks his wrist when he dumps her, and she always speaks with a ridiculous, harsh voice that at once sounds so familiar yet a bit disturbing.

When a fan asked Kroll about the origins of Lola’s voice during the NYCC panel, he confirmed that Lola’s adapted from Liz G., a character he created for The Kroll Show, a live-action sketch comedy series.

“I had done a character named Liz on The Kroll Show,” Kroll said to the crowd. “She started there in some way. We thought maybe what Liz would’ve been like [as a teenager].”

PibLIZity” is the name of a recurring sketch from The Kroll Show, structured as a reality TV show about two women named “Liz” who run their own PR firm. The bit co-stars Jenny Slate (the voice of Missy on Big Mouth), making this like an eerie live-action adult version of Big Mouth in some ways. Liz and Liz are both materialistic, shallow, and speak with that characteristic Lola voice. Needless to say, there’s lots of ridiculous drama.

“Lola took on a life of her own,” Kroll added during the NYCC panel. “I think it was writing that line about how she ‘spent all her money at a Pretty Little Liars meet and greet!’ That felt like we found her.”

Throughout all three seasons of Big Mouth, Lola has delivered some of the funniest one-liners out of everyone, and a lot more screentime was given to exploring her personal history in Season 2. We can only hope that as we move towards the release of Big Mouth Season 4, we’ll get even more hilarious moments from Lola — or should we say the young Liz G.?

Big Mouth Season 3 is currently available on Netflix.

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