'Big Mouth' Season 4 release date, plot, and more for the filthy cartoon

Everything we know about the upcoming season.

big mouth season 3

Netflix’s hit adult animated series about going through puberty, Big Mouth, just had its Season 3 debut, and the series already has a lengthy, hormone-fueled future ahead. Big Mouth Season 2 raised the stakes, and after Season 3 technically began with a Valentine’s Day special in February, it followed through on wild plots that introduced a new species of monster related to human development and shook up the core relationships of the series.

Big Mouth is best known for turning uncomfortable concepts like hormones, shame, and depression into fantastical creatures, and it stars Nick Kroll as many of the characters with an all-star voice acting team that includes the likes of John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jordan Peele, Jason Mantzoukas, and Maya Rudolph.

Here’s everything we know about Big Mouth Season 4 (and beyond), from potential release dates and trailer news to what you should expect from the plot.

big mouth season 2
'Big Mouth' Season 2 had a fun musical number in a spa.

Is Big Mouth confirmed for Season 4?

Yes! In July 2019, Big Mouth co-creator Nick Kroll confirmed in a tweet posted to the show’s Twitter account that Netflix had picked up the series for Season 4, 5, and 6.

When is the Big Mouth Season 4 release date?

Season 1 was released September 29, 2017 on Netflix, with the second season arriving on October 5, 2018. Especially because Season 3 was released on October 4, it seems reasonable to assume that Season 4 will be released either on Friday, October 2, 2020 or the week after on October 9.

Is there a Big Mouth Season 4 trailer yet?

There’s no trailer for Big Mouth Season 4 yet, and the Season 3 trailer didn’t arrive until mid- to late-September before the new season’s release. If that release schedule continues, then we can expect a legit trailer sometime in September 2020.

Season 3 did include a Valentine’s Day special, however, so it seems possible that Big Mouth might have another holiday special that’ll be released sometime over the next year. Could that include a Halloween special? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year’s? Another Valentine’s Day special? Given the early renewal for the series ahead of Season 3’s release, there could be all sorts of one-episode specials.

big mouth season 3
Lola's forced to wear a Hamburglar costume during Season 3.

How did the end of Big Mouth Season 3 set up Season 4?

The last few episodes of Season 3 shattered the core friend group of Big Mouth. After Nick kissed Missy in a later episode and even went on a date with her, Andrew discovered what was going on. It drove a wedge so big between the former best friends that in the finale, Andrew essentially broke up with Nick and didn’t go to summer camp. Similarly, Missy finds herself ostracized from both boys when Nick realizes he doesn’t want to date her, and kissing Nick also triggered a breakup between her and Lars..

Another dramatic change for the series is that Jessi’s mother decided that they were moving to New York City, leaving Missy with one less female friend. Matthew also expresses disappointment at her leaving, but during the superhero episode, Jessi’s truth powers reveal that he isn’t all that worried when he has a new boyfriend Aidan.

The only positive surprise comes from Jay, who uses his manic energy and everything he learned from living with Birch family temporarily to refurbish the Bilzerian home and bring something resembling love and joy to the household. It feels like nothing will ever be the same when Big Mouth returns in Season 4.

big mouth season 3 florida
Nick and Andrew go to Florida for an extreme (mis)adventure.

What will happen in Big Mouth Season 4?

Based on how things left off at the end of Season 3, we’ll probably get a time jump to reach Season 4. Things ended at the start of summer, so it seems logical for things to pick up again at the start of the school year several months later. Jessi will probably be adjusting to life in the city, meeting new friends and dealing with the awkwardness of trying to fit in at a new school.

My own personal wish is that Nick hits a bit of a growth spurt and has an amazing time at summer camp. Maybe he even returns with a girlfriend? He and Andrew will still be on rough terms going into Season 4, so expect developments on that front.

'Human Resources' won't be released for a few years, but could Season 4 or 5 include a crossover?

Will there be a Big Mouth Season 4 crossover with Human Resources?

During the New York Comic Con 2019 panel ahead of Big Mouth Season 3’s release, Nick Kroll teased that the show might return to the world of the hormone monsters in future seasons, and later on, he confirmed that a spinoff called Human Resources was in development.

“It’s about the monsters and the creatures who manage people,” Kroll said to the enthusiastic crowd at NYCC. “We’re excited to tell a lot of different stories, not just about puberty, but about all stages of life.”

He also confirmed that they’d start production on the new series only after finishing Big Mouth Season 5, so it’s possible we might get a backdoor pilot episode of sorts if the show revisits that world like it did in the Season 2 finale.

Big Mouth Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix, and Season 4 is expected sometime in 2020.