'Big Mouth' spinoff 'Human Resources' looks like the next 'Good Place'

The next great workplace comedy is coming.

If the Big Mouth Season 2 finale — when the kids went to the home world of the hormone monsters — was one of your favorite episodes ever, then you’re in luck because during the Big Mouth Season 3 panel during New York Comic Con, co-creator Nick Kroll announced that the team was developing a spin-off series called Human Resources for Netflix that explores that world even more. Kroll described it as a “workplace comedy that takes place in the world of the monsters.”

If watching Maury flirt by the water cooler is your bag, then this series will be your new favorite, exploring comical office culture that’s usually boring — except with monsters. Especially now that The Good Place is ending after its fourth season, people who love supernatural beings in office environments will need to look elsewhere.

“It’s about the monsters and the creatures who manage people,” Kroll said to the enthusiastic crowd at NYCC. “We’re excited to tell a lot of different stories, not just about puberty, but about all stages of life.”

Will the lead character be some kind of fairy?


Big Mouth, which has already been confirmed through Season 6, will be the team’s focus for the near-future, but Kroll said they’d be making Human Resources after Season 5 of Big Mouth. At one point in time, both shows will be in development more or less at the same time.

If Big Mouth follows the same production schedule, then Season 4 might release in October 2020, following by Season 5 in October 2021 with Human Resources perhaps in early 2022? However, given the pre-emptive series order up through Season 6 with Big Mouth, it’s possible seasons will be released more frequently.

The full title of this new spinoff series is Human Resources: We Manage People. Season 2’s finale was titled “The Department of Puberty” after the specific department of Human Resources that the hormone monsters work out of. This new series will seemingly broaden out the scope of this world to include all stages of human development. The Shame Wizard, Depression Kitty, and (Season 3 spoiler incoming) Menopause Banshee are just a few of these creatures that Big Mouth has already established. We also briefly met DNA Ape, Ambition Gremlin, Anxiety Armadillo, and Intellect Sphinx in the Season 2 finale as well.

What other manner of creatures will this new series explore?

I like to imagine it in the same format at The Office or Parks and Recreation — just simple monsters earnestly speaking to a camera about their simple lives. If Big Mouth is for adults remembering the awkwardness of growing up, then Human Resources might feel even more topical for a mature audience.

Human Resources has no confirmed release date.

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