'Borderlands 3': One Pump Chump and 4 More Early Legendary Weapons to Loot

Lock and load.

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Loot rules all in Borderlands 3. As one of the four Vault Hunters, players are tasked to travel the universe in search of a mythical Vault that holds powers and treasure beyond comprehension, but they’ll need to blast their way through droves of enemies and amass an arsenal of outlandish weapons before conquering the game’s final mission.

Borderlands 3 has more than a billion distinct guns, each with unique traits, firing modes, and gimmicks (like a gun that shoots other guns). But no other class of weapon is more sought after than the extremely rare legendary guns.

These orange items come with unmatched stat bonuses and distinct features that can’t be found in any other gun in Borderlands 3. Many of these exceptional items have a low rate to spawn randomly from chests and bosses. But there are a handful of legendary weapons that can be easily acquired compared to the rest.

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Here’s how to get your hands on the One Pump Chump and four other legendary weapons that can carry you through the early parts of Borderlands 3.

5. Borderlands 3: One Pump Chump legendary shotgun

The One Pump Chump is an exceedingly powerful, early-game shotgun. It will always with a 3.5x scope, have a magazine size of one, and a 50 percent change to not consume any ammo when fired. Its weapon damage and reload speed will vary, but one out of two shots of the One Pump Chump won’t require players to reload.

The One Pump Chump will always come with at least 1,000 percent weapon damage making it exceptional for early-game leveling.

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To find the shotty you’ll need to travel to the planet Promethea and head to Lectra City. Descend into the New-U subway station found on the far end of the map and take down the bandits that have made it their home.

Once clear, take the narrow passageway to the left of the area you were just fighting in. There will be a locked door surrounded by a few TVs that require you to solve a puzzle to open it.

The door you'll need to unlock to get the One Pump Chump legendary shotgun in 'Borderlands 3'.

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Walk to the room directly in front of the locked door and use the leftmost button on the padlock, turn the valve on the right side, pull the lever next to the valve, and pull the switch on the box to the right. The door will swing open and the mini-boss One Punch Psycho will walk out.

His name is not a joke! He will one-shot you. Keep your distance and kite him around the area until he’s down. Then loot the treasure he drops. One Pump Chump is not a guaranteed drop. If you get unlucky, exit the game by returning to the main menu and try again.

4. Borderlands 3: Bankrolled Predatory Lending legendary SMG

The Bankrolled Predatory Lending legendary SMG isn’t as strong as the One Pump Chump, but it can be useful when you’re low on ammo. It uses money instead of ammo, each bullet is a dollar from your wallet so spend (shoot) wisely.

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To find this money shooter travel to the Droughts on Pandora and take the left path towards the Varkid Valley. There, you’ll encounter some ferocious bugs including the mini-boss the Lavender Crawly.

This area is part of a Crew Challenge so defeating the Lavender Crawly will give you a nice experience boost and a chance to loot the legendary SMG. If the big bug doesn’t drop it on your first attempt, restart the game and try again.

3. Borderlands 3: Mind-Killer legendary shotgun

The Mind-Killer legendary shotgun fires sound waves instead of bullets, which can blast through shields and armor alike. You can hold down the trigger button to charge each shot for more of a punch at the cost of slower firing speed.

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The first true boss in Borderlands 3, Mouthpiece, has a chance of dropping this weapon. To find him, follow the Cult Following main mission, which will lead you straight to him. His lair is located in the Holy Broadcast Center in Ascension Bluff on Pandora.

The fight is fairly straight forward. Avoid the red speakers that surround the arena where your showdown against Mouthpiece will take place and flank him for maximum damage. If he doesn’t drop it the first time around, exit and attempt it again.

2. Borderlands 3: Stobby Broosin SkekSil Legendary Pistol

The Stobby Broosin SkekSil legendary pistol fires one-to-three rockets with every other shot making it incredible for taking out enemies at close range early in Borderlands 3. And just like the Bankrolled Predatory Lending SMG, gamers will need to take out some bugs in order to wield this pistol.

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Travel to Ascension Bluff in Pandora and stick to the right-hand path from the spawn point to encounter Skrakk. There will be loads of flying, killer insects here, so automatic weapons, like SMGs and assault rifles, are highly recommended.

Skrakk is also part of a Crew Challenge so after you’ve squashed it you’ll get an experience bonus and a chance to loot the SkekSil pistol. Quit and re-enter the game if it doesn’t drop right away.

1. Borderlands 3: Infinity legendary pistol

Finally, the Infinity legendary pistol returns to Borderlands 3 as a late-game random drop. The gun uses no ammo, can be fired indefinitely, and shoots its bullets in an infinity symbol shape.

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There’s no simple way of farming this weapon, it drops randomly from the main bosses in Borderlands 3. YouTuber Glitching Queen found one after defeating Troy Calypso.

Looting an Infinity pistol will require a lot of luck and tens of hours of play-time, but if you do land on you’ll essentially be unstoppable.

**Borderlands 3 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll be released on Google Stadia once that launches in November 2019.

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