'Mindhunter 'Season 2: 5 Spoilers From the First 3 Episodes

Here's what's happening with Bill, Holden, and Wendy in the new season.

Mindhunter Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, August 16, but a lucky few have already seen the first few episodes. At a small screening attended by press and fans on Wednesday, August 14, Netflix aired the first three new episodes, revealing what comes next for the FBI’s fledgling Behavioral Science Unit.

So while you wait for the official release (and after confirming there’s no embargo), here are five big spoilers from the first three episodes of Mindhunter Season 2. Be warned: While there’s nothing major in here, it will mean revealing a few fun details early. So if you’d rather go in fresh you should probably stop reading now.

5. There’s a New BSU Boss

Say goodbye to the old boss. He’s retired been forced out after taking the fall for Holden Ford’s behavior in Mindhunter Season 1. The new boss at Quantico is Ted Gunn, who turned down a job working at FBI headquarters to instead focus on BSU. He’s impressed with the project, and with Ford specifically, and announces plans to expand the small team into an entire department.

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4. Holden Is Back, but He’s in Bad Shape

When we first see Holden Ford in Mindhunter Season 2 he’s sedated and restrained in a hospital after his Ed Kemper-induced panic attack in the Season 1 finale. He’s quickly discharged after Bill Tench comes to retrieve him, but Ford is still struggling. He experiences another panic attack at the end of Episode 1 and seems to be popping pills to make it through work.

Special Agent Bill Tench and Dr. Wendy Carr in 'Mindhunter'.


3. Wendy Has a New Love Interest

Ford takes Wendy Carr to a bar to tell her about his panic attack and ask for advice. While there, Wendy sees a cute bartender and later returns with Bill to confirm the bartender is a lesbian. At the end of Episode 3 she returns again and works up the courage to ask the bartender on a date.

'Mindhunter' Season 2


2. The Atlanta Child Murders Plot Isn’t What You Think

The Mindhunter Season 2 trailer suggested the city of Atlanta was obsessed with its own serial killer, but the truth is even more depressing. The killer is targeting black children and the city doesn’t seem to be doing enough to find the killer.

Ford only finds out about the unsolved case while in Atlanta for a different job. When a hotel employee learns that he’s with the FBI she brings him to meet three mothers who all lost their children. He promises to help but comes up short, at least for now.

Holden and Tench in 'Mindhunter'


1. Horror Comes Home for Bill Tench

Bill Tench’s idyllic suburban life is disturbed when a murdered toddler is found in one of the homes his realtor wife is selling. Rumors that a cult could be behind the murder quickly sweep the community while the local police struggle to find a single suspect. Bill tries to help, but there’s only so much he can do.

Mindhunter Season 2 hits Netflix on August 16.

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