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'Spider-Man 3' Release Date, Cast, and Plot for the MCU Phase 5 Movie

Things aren’t looking so good for Peter Parker. After Spider-Man: Far From Home, the most recent Spider-Man film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter is dealing with a devastating fallout even bigger, and way more personal, than even Thanos.

While Spider-Man: Far From Home is still finishing its run in theaters and will soon wind up on Digital HD and Blu-ray, it’s never too early to guess where the untitled third Spider-Man movie in the MCU will take the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

We know very little, but here’s everything we know so far about Spider-Man 3 (no, not that Spider-Man 3).

What Happened at the End of Far From Home?

As a refresher, here’s a brief recap at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Spoilers ahead.

At the end of Far From Home, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) defeats Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) when the former Stark employee’s augmented reality illusions are seen through by Spidey and his “Peter Tingle.”

Mysterio is killed by misfired drones, while one of the villain’s associates runs off with some sensitive data. (More on that in just a little bit.)

Eventually, Peter returns home to New York and takes MJ (Zendaya) out on a date. But the film’s mid-credits scene reveals that Mysterio had one more trick up his sleeve: At the moment of his death, Mysterio prepared doctored footage manipulated to make it look like Spider-Man killed Mysterio (still seen as a hero in the eyes of the public) in cold blood.

It also looks like Spider-Man ordered the drones that terrorized London. And it’s all spun with the same manic hysteria that only J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) of the “controversial website,” TheDailyBugle.net, is capable of making.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: Mysterio reveals Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man. Before Peter can cuss out, “What the F—,” the film cuts to credits.

Mysterio is dead and gone, but the trickster managed to make Peter Parker’s life a living hell. Thus begins a new challenge for Spider-Man.

Myserio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'Sony Entertainment

When Will Spider-Man 3 Hit Theaters?

There is no release date for Spider-Man 3. We can assume a script is in development, but there are no planned release dates for the next film.

Is There a Trailer for Spider-Man 3?

Bro, I just said, the film is barely in the scripting stage.

Who Is Starring in Spider-Man 3?

Tom Holland is one star we can safely assume we will see again in the next Spider-Man movie. The actor has fulfilled all but one movie in his original contract. There is, of course, a plausible route in which Holland reigns for several more, which can include additional Avengers movies if that’s where Spider-Man is destined to go next.

But for now, there is just one movie left for Tom Holland, and it’s probable his “last” movie will be Spider-Man 3.

You can probably expect to see more of the supporting cast, including Zendaya, Jacob Batalon (Ned), and maybe even Martin Starr as their hapless high school teacher/debate coach.

What Else Do We Know About Spider-Man 3?

Other than it’s probably, maybe happening since Spider-Man: Far From Home crossed the coveted $1 billion box office gross worldwide, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Fandango that the next film will be something that “has never been done before.”

Feige’s full quote, after Fandango asked if the MCU will pick up the thread seen in the mid-credits scene, can be seen below:

“Much like the end of Iron Man, saying, okay, the rules have changed. Which now means we’re going to have to do something completely different next time. The how and the when and the specifics can change and evolve, but setting yourself up for something that has never been done before… at the end of Iron Man, it was a hero publicly outing himself so that in the next movies and all subsequent movies, we couldn’t fall back on the secret identity trope which had been part of Iron Man’s story for decades in the comics. And now people know Peter’s identity.
“People now think he’s a villain, Mysterio plays one last trick on him and succeeds… [so that] means everything’s different. Where it goes, we’ll see. But it’s exciting that it once again sets us up for a Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film.”

Who Will Be the Villain of Spider-Man 3?

Never in my life would I have guessed that Mysterio would be a Spider-Man movie villain and be one of the best the franchise has ever featured. It’s unclear what Sony’s plans are in regards to its ongoing Venom franchise and what potential crossovers lie there. For now, we honestly just don’t know.

Venom would be cool, though.

There is no release date for Spider-Man 3, but you can probably expect it as part of Marvel’s Phase 5 lineup.

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