'Avengers' Square Enix SDCC Display Shows Costumes in Excruciating Detail

Those controversial redesigns look just as weird IRL.

Remember back in June when Square Enix revealed Marvel’s Avengers, the game we’d been waiting on for years, and all anyone could talk about was the questionable new character designs? Remember when Square Enix responded by saying that even though the game was still in development, one thing that definitely wouldn’t change is that design?

Well, now the game developer is putting those Marvel’s Avengers character designs on display at San Diego Comic-Con. During the preview event on Wednesday night, Inverse snagged a look at those real-life costumes, and they look … interesting, to say the least.

The biggest controversy is probably around Captain America, who not only doesn’t resemble Chris Evans from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also gets a brand new costume that looks like police officer riot gear circa 2016 with a red, white, and blue paint job. Just look at those sweet, sweet kneepads.

Captain America in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Captain America's knees in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Captain America's helmet in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Iron Man’s suit hasn’t changed as much, but the faceplate loses a lot of the character we’ve seen in the MCU. The result looks bland at best and goofy at worst.

Iron Man in 'Marvel's Avengers'

Square Enix

There’s also Black Widow, who’s costume doesn’t get a huge overall but does seem to be putting a bigger emphasis on guns that in recent Marvel movies. Of course, this is a video game, but are the bullet bracelets really necessary?

Black Widow in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Black Widow in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Honestly, we’re not really sure why they bothered bringing this white labcoat for Bruce Banner, but ok.

Bruce Banner (aka, Hulk) in 'Marvel's Avengers'


Marvel’s Avengers tells a separate story from the MCU in which the Avengers relocate to San Francisco before facing off against a terrifying new threat. The plot hinges on the Avengers being framed for an attack on the Golden Gate Bride, and the struggle to expose and defeat the true villains.

The new game from Square Enix lets you play as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, or Black Widow (sorry Hawkeye). Based on the initial trailer, it also features Hank Pym, Abomination, and Taskmaster in non-playable roles.

Marvel’s Avengers launches May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and PC.

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