'Dimension 20' Season 3: Meet the D&D Cast of "Unsleeping City" (Exclusive)

High fantasy set in a noir-soaked New York City.

The “intrepid” heroes of Dimension 20 Season 3 have been revealed in a video from CollegeHumor that Inverse can exclusively share ahead of the July 9 premiere on Dropout.

CollegeHumor’s hit Dungeons & Dragons live-play show, Dimension 20, explores unique role-playing situations that fuse high fantasy with unlikely settings in what’s probably the funniest D&D streaming series in existence. It’s one of the most popular shows on Dropout, CollegeHumor’s subscription service, and it even has its own dedicated subreddit.

Season 1’s ‘80s-inspired “Fantasy High” felt like a John Hughes film with wizards and clerics, set in a high school where would-be heroes learn the basics of adventuring. Season 2’s “Bloodkeep” focused on a pure evil group of characters in a story that wonders, “What might have Sauron’s evil generals done after Frodo destroyed the Ring at the end of The Lord of the Rings?” The cast for each season rotates through CollegeHumor regulars — professional comedians and actors — with special guests like Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer in Season 2.

Season 3, “The Unsleeping City,” gets an even weirder premise: “What if a secret, dark magical realm has always existed within New York City?”

The 17-episode season rewrites NY history to include a secret fantasy realm with modern technology. The first trailer for “The Unsleeping City” debuted at a June 24 live recording of a Fantasy High side quest at Brooklyn’s Bell House.

Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Lou Wilson, Siobhan Thompson, and Zac Oyama each star as different player characters that fuse typical NYC roles with traditional fantasy classes. As always, Brennan Lee Mulligan serves as Dungeon Master, and he wrote the original story for the six-person campaign.

In the exclusive preview video (at the top of this article), we get a quick overview of each character, what they look like, and how their background pairs with their classes and subclasses. We also see a quick snippet of their personality.

There’s an alcoholic hair dresser trying to drown away memories of her ex who’s also a Monk focused on the Way of the Drunken Master. There’s a dopey, good-natured firefighter, a Paladin who took the Oath of Devotion. And, just for good measure, there’s also a rat king who’s a self-proclaimed “dumpster Druid.”

Here's the full cast united in a poster for Season 3.


Here’s the full character lineup:

  • Sofia Bicicleta (Emily Axford) — Hair Dresser, Drunken Master Monk
  • Pete the Plug (Ally Beardsley) — Drug Dealer, Wild Magic Sorcerer
  • Ricky Matsui (Zac Oyama) — Firefighter, Oath of Devotion Paladin
  • Misty Moore (Siobhan Thompson) — Broadway Star, College of Lore Bard
  • Kugrash (Brian Murphy) — Rat King, Circle of the Shepherd Druid
  • Kingston Brown (Lou Wilson) — Nurse, City Domain Cleric

All six characters fill stereotypical NYC roles that match their fantasy classes and subclasses. A drug dealer would be a wild magic Sorcerer, wouldn’t they?

The City Domain Cleric is one of the more interesting choices here, as this Cleric subclass from Unearthed Arcana: Modern Magic is well-suited to modern urban campaigns and far removed from what you usually see in D&D.

Lou Wilson plays Kingston Brown, a City Cleric and nurse.


These six unassuming heroes will discover the presence of a “dreaming world” that coexists with the “waking world” they’ve known their whole lives. They’ll rediscover this long-lost source of magic — and probably save NYC from certain doom.

Each character will start at Level 3. That means Sofia will have already mastered Drunken Technique. Ricky will be able to use Channel Divinity to turn the undead or imbue his weapon with positive energy. And Kingston will be able to call upon the power of the city’s utilities to aid him. Does that mean we’ll see him use a fire hydrant to blast a monster in the face with high-pressure water? How might the firefighter react to this misuse of the city’s resources?

Who knows what other themed abilities might find their way into “The Unsleeping City.”

Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City debuts exclusively on College Humor’s Dropout streaming service on Tuesday, July 9.