'Spider-Man: Far From Home': New Clip Teases a 'Doctor Strange 2' Spoiler

The doctor is decidedly not in.

If there’s one thing that is made very clear in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers, both domestic and international, it’s that Peter Parker isn’t sure he has what it takes to cover for Iron Man and save the world. Sure, he has Mysterio, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill to help him out, but Peter, still processing the fallout of Avengers: Endgame, is more than ready to pass on this one. Can’t someone else take this job and let him get the next one?

A new Far From Home television spot released for the Chinese market reveals previously unreleased scenes from the film, including one where Nick and Maria make it very clear to Peter that other superheroes are all kinds of tied up and unavailable to help.

Previous trailers showed Peter asking about Thor and Captain Marvel, but this one adds another powerful hero: Doctor Strange. Unsurprisingly, Nick and Maria shut him down, tell Peter they are either off-world, don’t need to be bothered, or, in the case of Doctor Strange, are “unavailable,” according to Maria.

This might seem like a throwaway line, but it could have big implications for Marvel’s Phase 4 story and Doctor Strange 2, in particular. We already know that Thor is all tied up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain Marvel is likely elsewhere in the cosmos, helping out those in need. But the jury is still out on what the heck Doctor Strange is doing during Spider-Man: Far From Home, which takes place right after Endgame. Did Maria legit just hint at the plot for Doctor Strange 2 with her one-word explanation?

Nick Fury gives Peter the rundown on what's going on in Europe.

Marvel Studios.

Doctor Strange’s story post-Endgame is slightly murkier than the rest of the Avengers. Part of making everything right in the world after the Avengers defeat Thanos is that Captain America had to travel through the Quantum Realm to return the Infinity Stones to their proper places at the right points in time. This kinda messes with Doctor Strange’s vow to protect the Time Stone, but with no official synopsis confirmed for Doctor Strange 2 and no new characters added to the cast so far, it’s tough to gauge just how deeply the loss of the Time Stone will be felt by Doctor Strange and his fellow Masters.

One of the strongest reasons Doctor Strange could be unavailable to help Peter in Far From Home, or even take over the battle against the Elementals (allowing Peter to enjoy his trip home) stems from noted (and eerily correct) MCU leaker Roger Wardell, who tweeted the following back in May: “Doctor Strange 2: 1980’s Boogaloo. Tilda Swinton is in talks to return as the Ancient One. Jericho Drumm and Clea will make their MCU debuts, Clea will likely be portrayed by an Asian actress. Most importantly the gloves will be back!”

Stephen Strange defends the Sanctum Sanctorum.

'Doctor Strange'

Jericho Drumm and Clea are two powerful, magical beings with enough villainy in them to keep Doctor Strange on his toes. Clea is the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, with connections to previous Doctor Strange foe Dormammu. Meanwhile, Jericho Drum (aka Brother Voodoo) could potentially clash with Strange over who will be the next Sorcerer Supreme — a comics storyline which could easily be adapted into the sequel.

Either way, Doctor Strange is definitely going to have a lot going on in his first post-Endgame mission. Looks like Peter really is going to have to suit up and handle the Elementals threat on his own.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out July 2.