'Jessica Jones' Season 3 Trailer: Who Is Jeremy Bobb's New Red Villain?

When there’s a knock on your door, do you answer? For Jessica Jones, that’s a very difficult question. In the new Season 3 teaser for Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, a knock on the door has potentially dangerous consequences, as it puts Jessica face-to-face with her final enemy. But who is he?

On Tuesday, Netflix released the first teaser for Jessica Jones Season 3, the final season of the Peabody-winning Marvel TV series. Netflix also announced the season’s release date, officially set for June 14.

In the 14-second teaser (another 15 seconds is left for Netflix’s YouTube tags), a disembodied voice belonging to Jeremy Bobb (Russian Doll) tells our hero: “Jessica Jones, you are a fraud. You’re a cheater. No longer.” After a hard, violent knock on Jessica’s door, the teaser begins a series of fast cuts to Bobb’s face lit under a stark red light, not unlike photography dark rooms.

There’s a lot of mystery to this character, and Netflix isn’t revealing much. In the official plot synopsis, he’s described as a “highly intelligent psychopath” who will force an even bigger wedge between Jessica and her sister, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). Otherwise, Bobb’s character has no name.

A leaked character breakdown dating back to May 2018 hints that his (potentially fake) name is Collins, and that he is “physically spry, extremely intelligent and meticulous. Driven by a pathological need to feel superior.”

To be quite frank, that description fits a lot of characters in Marvel, including even Tony Stark. So it’s difficult to pinpoint what character from the Marvel Universe is being portrayed by Bobb in Jessica Jones Season 3.

Do you know who this guy is in the 'Jessica Jones' trailer? Because we don't.


The inability to deduce who Bobb is playing from Marvel’s colorful comic book universe speaks to a larger problem that plagued (most) of the Marvel/Netflix franchise. While some characters, like Daredevil, Punisher, and Wilson Fisk were easy to figure out based on appearances, others like Bushmaster (from Luke Cage) and Iron Fist were harder. Sure, you could spot Iron Fist based on the guy with the dragon tattoo. But without his distinct costume, Danny Rand just looked like a white guy who went backpacking through Thailand.

While some characters themselves lacked distinctive costumes in the comics — David Tennant’s Kilgrave, besides being literally purple, wore a normal tailored suit — the devotion to “realism” sometimes meant Marvel TV sacrificed the visually colorful elements that got fans fired up in the first place.

With Season 3 as the final season of Jessica Jones, it’s a moot complaint, as there will be no more Marvel/Netflix after this year. But it’s still a systemic problem that could worm its way into future Marvel projects. Hopefully, Jessica Jones can show the rest of the MCU the way forward.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 will begin streaming on Netflix on June 14.

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