'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 6 Spoilers: Tyrion Is Totally Doomed

Will Daenerys kill him or just throw him in a dungeon?

The last time Daenerys Targaryen spoke to her second-in-command, Tyrion Lannister, she offered him a stern warning: “The next you fail me will be the last time you fail me.” Since then, two things happened: 1) Dany went full “Mad Queen” and burned down King’s Landing, and 2) Tyrion betrayed his queen and freed her prisoner (his brother, Jaime Lannister). So is Tyrion toast in the Game of Thrones finale?

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There’s a few ways this scenario could play out, but no matter what, it’s not looking good for ol’ Tyrion. Is everyone’s favorite still-living Lannister doomed in Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6? Here are three ways his story could end.

Tyrion looking pretty bummed in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 6


3. Dany Imprisons Tyrion and/or Puts Him on Trial

This seems like the most likely scenario, and it’s not great. Daenerys might not burn Tyrion to a crisp immediately, but it seems likely she’ll accuse him of treason and lock him in a dungeon. After that, assuming there is a trial, it probably won’t go well (if you need a reminder of how these trials go, rewatch Game of Thrones Season 4).

Even with a trial, Tyrion will probably end up condemned to death. At best, Dany will show mercy and just lock him up for the rest of his life, which probably isn’t that much longer considering medieval health practices and Tyrions well-known lust for life wine and prostitutes.

Tyrion’s best chance may be to request a trial by combat, but who knows if Dany will honor this tradition. And even if she does, whoever offers to fight for Tyrion could end up taking on a dragon.

This is actually Daenerys before she went full Mad Queen.


2. Dany Just Kills Tyrion Immediately

Honestly, this one feels almost as likely. Daenerys hasn’t exactly shown restraint recently, so why would she start now?

R.I.P. Tyrion. We’ve all got to go eventually, right?

Tyrion on trial...


1. Dany Didn’t Notice Tyrion Betrayed Her

It’s possible (but extremely unlikely) that in the chaos that was Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5, Daenerys somehow missed her top adviser going behind her back in an attempt to save Cersei’s life. Assuming this happens and Tyrion manages to stay under the radar, HBO could be setting us up for an even bigger twist.

In this improbable scenario, Dany might still trust Tyrion, but Tyrion definitely won’t trust Dany. Not after the Battle of King’s Landing. Assuming he’s still in a position of power, the last living Lannister would have the perfect opportunity to kill Daenerys before she does any more damage. He’d be branded as a Queenslayer for life, but he’d be doing it for the good of the realm.

The Game of Thrones series finale airs Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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