'Star Wars: Episode 9' Rumor Explains a Weird Detail From Leaked Poster

When an early poster for Star Wars: Episode IX leaked in March, one of the biggest questions (aside from whether it was real at all) was what C-3PO was doing with Chewbacca’s oversized bowcaster weapon. Now, a new report may explain the bumbling robot’s important new role in Star Wars: Episode IX, while revealing a handful of other exciting spoilers.

Warning: Possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX below.

According to Making Star Wars, which is generally pretty reliable when it comes to Star Wars leaks, C-3PO will “reluctantly” have his memory uploaded into RD-D2. This could allow the Resistance to replace Threepio’s personality with a warrior who knows how to handle a Wookie-sized crossbow. In addition to creating a deadly new ally for the good guys, this personality swap apparently leads to “some funny issues” for R2-D2.

Before you get too excited at the prospect of a butt-kicking version of C-3PO, it’s worth noting that these details are only “semi-verified,” according to Making Star Wars editor-in-chief Jason Ward. Still, it’s the best explanation for bowcaster C-3PO we’ve seen so far.

Ward goes on to describe an alleged scene from Star Wars: Episode IX set on a new snow-covered planet where a droid factory is based. Some of the main cast visits the planet, where they alter C-3PO’s personality and meet a “new droid” who might turn out the be BB-8’s new sidekick also featured in that leaked poster.

Eventually, it sounds like our heroes could run into trouble at the droid factory before getting rescued by Keri Russel’s new character, who’s described by one of Making Star Wars’ sources as wearing “rose-gold extremely elegant armor but with a purple under suit and a helmet that has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet.” (Again, that lines up with the leaked poster.) Russel’s character may also be connected to that new droid.

That’s a lot to unpack for one scene, but it seems to be setting up some big new plotlines in Star Wars: Episode IX. Could the Resistance be reprogramming droids to strike back against the First Order? Will C-3PO lead the charge? It’s too soon to say for sure, but we should (hopefully) learn more at Star Wars Celebration 2019, which runs April 11-15 and is expected to feature our first official glimpse at the new movie.

Star Wars: Episode IX flies into theaters on December 20, 2019.

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