'Sabrina' Season 2 Trailer Shows Her Deal With the Oldest Villain

"What is it you want from me?"

Sabrina Spellman has increasingly embraced her dark side in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and it looks like summoning hellfire at the end of Season 1 was just the beginning. These days, she’s slaying with telekinesis, learning how to fly, and communing with Satan. “What is it you want from me?” she boldly asks him face-to-face in a new trailer released Monday.

The nine new episodes — collectively titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part II — premiere April 5 on Netflix.

In the new trailer, Sabrina has some kind of dream or vision in which she douses her human high school in gasoline and strikes a match, presumably a symbol of how signing her name in the Book of the Beast at the end of Season 1 sent her down a darker path of evil. These sequences are often symbolic of Sabrina’s inner turmoil. She’s under immense pressure from Satan to forsake her mortal life completely, and her stubborn refusal is probably what their meeting is about.

By far the most chilling moment of the trailer happens as Sabrina says in voiceover, “It’s as if I’ve been walking down this darker path but maybe it’s not so bad?” But right when she says “darker path,” we see her in the woods being accosted by four or more male figures — and as she wrenches her hands downward, the motion snaps the necks of at least two of them.

The December holiday special offered somewhat feel-good adventure after the dark events of the Season 1 finale. Between the first, sex-crazed trailer and this new ultra-violent one, it’s starting to look like the dark magical series is getting even more hardcore in its next run.

We’ve never seen Sabrina — played by Kiernan Shipka — quite like this. Also in the new trailer, Father Blackwood says to her: “We’ve heard reports of levitation, the slaughter of demons, resurrection of witches. How does a first-year, half-mortal student manage that?” Those figures were probably the demons. There’s also what looks like a werewolf snarling.

Among these many supernatural threats, the most ominous is definitely her meeting with a posh-looking man who is most definitely the Dark Lord himself. What does Satan want from Sabrina? Season 1 hinted that he wanted to make Sabrina his enforcer, replacing Lilith (currently possessing Ms. Wardwell). Sabrina going down a darker path of violence and sex could be the start of that.

How far down this darker path will she go? We’ll soon find out.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 will be released on Netflix April 5.

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