'Umbrella Academy' Season 2: Netflix Star Shares Theories on Ben and More

Cameron Britton (Hazel on the Netflix series) has some very interesting ideas.

The Umbrella Academy left fans with more questions than answers, but until Netflix confirms Season 2, all we can do is speculate over some of the show’s biggest mysteries. And we’re not the only ones doing it. In an interview, Umbrella Academy star Cameron Britton (he plays the time-traveling assassin Hazel) tells Inverse where he thinks his character teleported at the end of Season 1, what’s up with Ben, and what else could happen in Season 2.

Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 1 below.

On the subject of that Season 1 finale, Britton has a pretty clear idea of where Hazel and his new girlfriend Agnes might be headed after time traveling out of danger just moments before the apocalypse hit.

“He would definitely want to go to a simple time,” Britton says. “Probably, with nature, you know. It’s pretty easy to see a cottage somewhere, but I think he’d still want the amenities of modern medicine.”

So nothing medieval, we guess. Then again, Britton adds that only one thing really matters when it comes to Hazel’s destination in The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

“I think his first question is going to be, ‘Agness where do you want to go?’”

Britton (Hazel) with Mary J. Blige (Cha-Cha) in 'The Umbrella Academy'


As for one of the biggest mysteries in The Umbrella Academy, Britton is just as curious as the rest of us about Ben’s past (and his future).

“I’m just excited as everybody to find out what happened to Ben and how he died,” Britton says. “I love Ben’s arc in the show. I love the clever use of giving Klaus the conscience that he can speak to.”

Britton adds that, based on how Season 1 ended, Season 2 could give us a dramatically different take on the character.

“I can’t wait to see what happens to them now that they’ve all jumped,” he says. “If Ben’s going to become a corporal being again, that’d be cool.”

"If Ben’s going to become a corporal being again, that’d be cool.

Don’t be surprised if this happens. After all, at the end of Season 1 we see the members of the Umbrella Academy transform into younger versions of themselves as they prepare to travel back in time. So it’s possible that if they visit a time when Ben was still alive, the character would be able to return to the world of the living.

What happened to Ben?


Of course, we’ll have to wait for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 to find out what happened to Ben and the rest of the team, but in the meantime, Britton is indulging in another popular activity among fans of the series.

“I’m beginning to be quite a softie for fan art,” he says. “I like to go on Instagram and see all those paintings and the characterizations of our of our different characters. It’s pretty fun.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview with The Umbrella Academy start Cameron Britton.

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