'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Theories, and More

Netflix and Marvel may have broken up, but the streaming giant has a new superhero family all of its own in The Umbrella Academy. The series, based on a Dark Horse comic, released in February and quickly became one of the most popular new shows of 2019. But when will we learn more about The Umbrella Academy Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t official renewed the series for a second run of episodes, but given the show’s tremendous success it’s probably only a matter of time before Umbrella Academy Season 2 gets a confirmed release date. In the meantime, we’ve scoured the internet (and the series itself) for the latest clues and details.

Here’s everything we know so far about The Umbrella Academy Season 2, and check back soon because we’ll be updating this page as new info comes in.

Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 1 below.

What Happens at the End of The Umbrella Academy Season 1?

The central plot of Season 1 focuses on Number 5’s attempts to stop to apocalypse after traveling through time and discovering exactly when the world would end. However, he fails, and to everyone’s surprise, the cause of it is the sister they all thought was powerless: Vanya (Ellen Page). Their adopted father suppressed her abilities as a child, and even made Allison an accomplice to the act by using her power of suggestion.

In the final fight, Allison thinks she’s able to stop Vanya/White Violin and save the world without killing her sister. However, one of Vanya’s energy beams hits the moon, breaking it into pieces, which come hurtling down to Earth. Number 5 decides to travel through time once more, taking his siblings with him. The season ends with them disappearing just before a fiery blaze destroys the city.

Will There Be an Umbrella Academy Season 2?

Netflix has yet to renew the series, but it hasn’t said there won’t be another season, either. All we can do is wait to hear more, but after that ending, it would be cruel to cancel it.

A report in late February claimed Season 2 was confirmed, but it’s since been debunked by series star Aidan Gallagher (Number 5 on the show).

That being said, showrunner Steve Blackman is hoping for more than just a second season.

“I hope we get a second and third and fourth season, but I knew that having a great ending is important for Netflix as a streamer,” he told IndieWire. “You really want people to say, ‘I’ve got to come back and watch what happens.’”

He certainly accomplished that with Season 1.

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It's up to these siblings to save the world on 'The Umbrella Academy'.

When Is the Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date?

Though we don’t know if there will be a second season, we do know how long it takes to produce a season. “It takes us 18 months to do a season,” Blackman told the comic book series’ creator Gerard Way during an interview with IndieWire.

In other words, don’t expect to see an Umbrella Academy Season 2, if there is one, in a year.

Way also explained that he wants to make sure the comics remain “ahead of the show.” “We’re on Series 3 [of the comics],” he said in the interview. “The idea with the comic is to go right from Series 3, take a 3-to-4 month break, then go right into Series 4.”

It’s also possible that, similar to Game of Thrones, the TV show could catch up to and even surpass its source material. In that case, the show could move beyond the original comics — assuming it doesn’t get canceled, of course.

When Will an Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Be Released?

That depends on if the series is renewed. If it is, there will likely be a teaser or two prior to the official trailer. Netflix could use a teaser to announce that the series is coming back and another to reveal the Season 2 release date.

Netflix released a Season 1 teaser on December 8. The official trailer came out on January 24, two weeks before the episodes dropped.

When we know if there will be a Season 2, we’ll have a better idea of when to expect these video previews.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in The Umbrella Academy Season 2?

We don’t know, but it may be safe to assume there will be 10 episodes in a potential Season 2, just like Season 1.

What Will the Umbrella Academy Season 2 Plot Be?

The most important thing is seeing when and where Number 5 took his siblings.

“The truth is, we don’t know where they are. We don’t know what happened to them,” Blackman told The Hollywood Reporter. “The apocalypse is not solved. They did not save the world, which is a slight alteration of the comic.”

But don’t expect too much to change from the comics, if the series continues.

“The idea is not to deviate too much, we want to stay on course with what the comics are doing, and having that plan ahead of time allows us to set some things up now for later seasons,” the showrunner continued.

The time travel will obviously change some things for some of the characters. For example, Cameron Britton’s Hazel just wanted to forget about the apocalypse and his old job and live a normal life with Agnes.

“I doubt that if Hazel returns for Season 2, that would be the case,” Britton told IndieWire. “Some sort of conflict or tragedy would have to happen.”

If you want to get a jump start on the Season 2 plot, you can always read the comic.

What Umbrella Academy Season 2 Theories Should I Know About?

Much of the speculation around Umbrella Academy has focused on Ben, who’s already dead at the start of Season 1 but appears to his brother Klaus, who can commune with the deceased. We never learn how Ben dies, but it’s possible Season 2 could reveal that detail. In the meantime, here’s one tragic theory that makes a lot of sense.

Fans also wondered about the other 36 babies all born on the same day as the six members of the show’s Umbrella Academy superhero team (plus Vanya). Here’s our theory on the other Umbrella babies, and how they could play a major role in Season 2.

Who Will Be in the Umbrella Academy Season 2 Cast?

Due to the time travel at the end of Season 1, technically anyone could return, including characters who died. It all depends on when they end up, what is and isn’t changed moving forward, and what the plot of Season 2 is.

Season 1 starred Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, David Castañeda, Aidan Gallagher, Cameron Britton, and Mary J. Blige.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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