'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Release Date Needs to Answer These 8 Questions

If you’ve already binged The Umbrella Academy Season 1, you probably have a lot of questions. Not only did the finale end with a major cliffhanger, but several mysteries were introduced throughout the 10 episodes. If there is an Umbrella Academy Season 2, hopefully it will address most of them.

Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 1 below.

In Season 1, we met the Hargreeves siblings, seven people born on the same day who all have superpowers. For most of her life, Vanya thought she didn’t have any powers, because their father made her sister, Allison, use her power of suggestion to convince her of that fact (and also drugged her). As we saw by the finale, Vanya was too powerful. She was the one responsible for the apocalypse Number Five traveled through time to try to stop.

He and his siblings failed to keep the world from ending, but Number Five had a new plan: Travel through time again, this time with his siblings, to try to change the future. That was how the season ended, leaving us on a huge cliffhanger that Season 2 needs to address.

Until that happens, here are eight questions that a potential Umbrella Academy Season 2 needs to answer.

How Old Will the Hargreeves Siblings Be When We See Them Next?

As Number Five began to use his powers to take his siblings through time, they all turned into their younger selves. You’ll remember that Number Five traveled through time before into the future as a boy, where he saw the apocalypse for the first time. He then aged normally in that time, only to turn back to his younger self when he returned to the present.


Does this mean that they’ll be their younger selves moving forward, or could they return to their adult bodies? And if they do become their adult selves again, is Number Five just going to continue to be stuck in a boy’s body forever?

Where (or When) Are the Siblings Going at the End of Season 1?

“The truth is, we don’t know where they are. We don’t know what happened to them,” showrunner Steve Blackman told The Hollywood Reporter.

Their goal is to stop the apocalypse. Presumably, they’ll have to travel back in time further than Number Five did when he returned.

Is the fact that the others all turned into their younger selves a clue, or was that simply a side effect of Five taking so many people with him?

Maybe in Season 2 the Umbrella Academy will travel all the way back to when Allison first told Vanya she didn’t have any powers to see if helping her with them from an early age stops the apocalypse.

What happened to Ben on 'The Umbrella Academy'? 


How Did Ben Die?

All we know is that at some point between childhood and the present day, one of the siblings, Ben, a.k.a. Number Six, a.k.a. The Horror, died. Because of Klaus’ ability to see the dead, he’s still around.

However, we never find out just how he died, and we can only speculate. Did a mission go wrong? Could he have taken his own life? Is there a clue in the fact that we don’t see any visible injuries? Klaus saw other dead people in Season 1, and he saw them as they died.

Will Ben Stay Dead?

The Hargreeves are currently traveling through time to stop the apocalypse. Is it so crazy to imagine that one of them will at least bring up the possibility of changing whatever happened that led to Ben’s death?

Or could the Ben from this timeline stay dead, but we see Ben alive again because we see him before his death?

Will the Damage to Allison’s Voice Be Undone?

When Vanya couldn’t control her abilities, she sliced her sister’s throat, taking her voice and her power, which relies on her telling people “rumors” about them that immediately come true.

But now they’re traveling through time, and it’s unclear just how much they can and will change. If Allison becomes young in Season 2, maybe he vocal cords will heal automatically. Then again, maybe not. We don’t really know much about the rules of how time travel works in The Umbrella Academy.

What Caused Those Pregnancies?

One day in 1989, women who previously didn’t appear pregnant gave birth to 43 babies. Season 1 didn’t tell us why that happened, but perhaps the trip through time could reveal that answer.

What Happened to the Other 36 Babies Born That Day?

If these seven people were the only ones who mattered to the story, wouldn’t they have been the only babies born that day? There were 36 other babies born that day, and at least one or two of them have to show up at some point, right?

Can the Apocalypse Be Stopped?

Number Five has already attempted to stop the world from ending using time travel before, but he still wasn’t able to do it. Could it be that, in the world of The Umbrella Academy, the apocalypse is always going to happen, no matter what he or anyone else tries to do? Just because they know Vanya causes the apocalypse doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to save the world.

Then again, maybe our heroes can figure out a way to undo all this damage, either by traveling even further back in time or by enlisting a few other siblings to help them.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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