'The OA' Season 2 Trailer Confirms Interdimensional Dance Magic Is Real

We hadn’t heard much about the second season of Brit Marling’s beloved and bizarre interdimensional Netflix series, The OA, since December 2016. For anyone doubting whether or not the series’ pseudoscience was “real” in Season 1, rest assured that the newly released Season 2 trailer sets the record straight by confirming that Prairie Johnson successfully traveled to an alternate reality.

Netflix released the first full trailer for The OA: Part II Wednesday morning and confirmed a release date that’s surprisingly soon: March 22.

The most terrifying moment in the trailer happens early on. Prairie wakes up in a hospital, probably recovering from the gunshot wound she received in the Season 1 finale. A nurse has her blink, count the number of fingers she holds up, and tell her the year. You know, classic nurse stuff. But when the nurse asks Prairie who the president is, the nurse doesn’t recognize the name Barack Obama — because he’s not the president in this version of 2016.

Prairie excitedly realizes that she successfully transported her group into an alternate reality, but it’s unfortunately one without Barack Obama.

She doesn’t seem to care, but we do. Who’s the president, then?

We don't want to imagine a world without Barack Obama!

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The OA Season 1 ended on a note of uncertainty after spending the entire season exploring Prairie’s story of her captivity. The whole thing unfolded like a hypnotizing adult fairytale.

Was her story real? Or was it all an elaborate fabrication?

Series creators Brit Marling (who also plays Prairie) and Zal Batmanglij previously have previously confirmed the Season 1 finale was intentionally ambiguous, but the new trailer throws all ambiguity out the window.

Interdimensional dance magic is 100 percent real.

The various members of Prairie’s group sort of transported themselves into the lives of their alternate reality selves. For her, that means she’s fabulously wealthy and living in a truly incredibly San Francisco apartment. But she also gets involved in some kind of mysterious investigation that gives Season 2 a very noir-esque feel.

The OA: Part II looks as mesmerizing and inscrutable as Season 1 was, and we can’t wait to see more.

The OA: Part II will be released on Netflix March 22. That’s only three weeks from now!

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