'Trailer Park Boys' Season 13 Release Date: Netflix Reveals Animated Show 


The final season of Trailer Park Boys ended on a huge cliffhanger as Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and the rest of the gang transformed into cartoons. At the time, it was unclear if the Canadian mockumentary was teasing a new Trailer Park Boys cartoon or just going out on a particularly weird note, but now, Netflix, which acquired the series in 2014, has confirmed that an animated version is on the way, and it’s coming very soon. It may not be Trailer Park Boys Season 13, but we’ll take it.

Netflix broke the news in its monthly email to the press detailing new arrivals for the coming month, which revealed that Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series will debut on Netflix on March 31. The official synopsis also confirms that this new show will continue the plot of the original series:

The trailer park just got a lot weirder. Picking up where Season 12 left off — and higher than ever — the entire gang has turned into cartoons.

Additionally, we got two new images of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series, the first we’ve seen since the animated series finale and the first official screenshots of this new Netflix show.

Here’s animated versions of Julian, Bubbles, and Ricky.

'Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series'


And here’s the gang (plus Cory):

'Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series'


For comparison’s sake, here’s the original scene from Trailer Park Boys where they transform into cartoons. It seems to match up pretty perfectly (except for Ricky’s sweet new shirt).

That’s all we know about the newly animated Trailer Park Boys for now. Netflix hasn’t said anything else official about the series, and there’s no trailer for the moment. It’s not even listed on the official website.

The big question most fans will have is whether fan-favorite character Jim Lahey (played by John Dunsworth) will return. Dunsworth died in 2017 at the age of 71 after filming Season 12, and while the final episode depicts his character transforming into a cartoon, it seems unlikely the show’s creators would simply replace Dunsworth with another voice actor. Hopefully, Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series will offer a fitting tribute to the beloved character instead.

Beyond that, we’re thrilled to see other fan favorites like Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky return to Netflix, and it sounds like an animated format will make it possible for the show’s creators to push the series even further than they did in live-action. Based on what we saw in Trailer Park Boys, you can probably expect tons of explosions, gun fights, and a ridiculous amount of marijuana, at the very least.

Inverse has reached out to Netflix for more information about Trailer Parks Boys: The Animated Series, and we will update this post if we learn anything new. In the meantime, please enjoy this tribute to the man, the legend, and the trailer park supervisor of our hearts: Jim Lahey.

Trailer Parks Boys: The Animated Series hits Netflix on March 31.

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