'Fortnite' Shooting Galleries Locations, Map Week 10: Where to Find All 3

Where to find them near Wailing Woods, Retail Row, and Paradise Palms.

Shooting galleries have returned to Fortnite: Battle Royale for a multi-stage challenge in the final week of Season 7 challenges.

Week 10 kicked off Thursday morning, and other than a lazy rehashed challenge about visiting Expedition Outposts, the only other one that requires guidance is a three-stage challenge beginning with “Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Wailing Woods.” Each shooting gallery should look and feel familiar to players. They use the same pop-up red bullseye targets we’ve all seen before.

Unlike most of the previous shooting galleries, however, these three get progressively more difficult, mostly just because the distance from the starting point and the targets themselves increases drastically. As is the case with most challenges like this, the hardest part is getting enough weapons and ammo before attempting it, all while dealing with enemy players.

Thankfully, each location is decently far removed from popular landing destinations.

Consider landing where each of these arrows begins to collect loot before heading to the point, where the actual shooting galleries are located.

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Try to land somewhere close but not too close to the actual shooting galleries. Otherwise, you either won’t have enough weapons and ammo to make it happen or you’ll run into enemies that’ll take you down.

Be sure to locate each gallery first, secure the area, and then scout out exactly where the targets pop up.

Here’s Where to Find the Shooting Gallery East of Wailing Woods in Fortnite

We absolutely recommend that players land at the Architect’s House on the far northeastern corner of the map for this first Shooting Gallery. That’s the name given to the tall house that looks player-constructed northeast of Wailing Woods. There are usually 1-2 chests inside the house and plenty of floor loot, along with a Vending Machine out back.

The actual shooting gallery is a short, and generally safe, walk south between the coastline and some mountains, providing safe cover and a good vantage point to make sure nobody is around.

The gallery itself is an easy one with three close-range clusters of two targets each on the left, middle, and right. Shotguns could fare very well here.

Here’s Where to Find the Shooting Gallery North of Retail Row in Fortnite

Retail Row could be an option as the landing destination for this second shooting gallery, depending on the battle bus’ trajectory. But we opted for the much safer stacks of huge shipping containers north of the wooded area that contains the shooting gallery.

The trees around the gallery provide some cover, which is nice, but between the greenery and the scarecrows, spotting the targets can be difficult, especially when they’re staggered at several different distances. Thankfully, they’re mostly linear. So standard assault rifles are perhaps the best weapon here.

Here’s Where to Find the Shooting Gallery Easy of Paradise Palms in Fortnite

The most difficult shooting gallery to ever hit the world of Fortnite comes in the form of this long-distance third stage shooting gallery that’s northeast of Paradise Palms. Players have to stand on the coast and shoot across an oceanic chasm to a far ledge. Single-shot snipers won’t do the trick because of their clunky reload times.

The only weapons that would really work well here are the scoped assault rifles, but we managed it with a pistol. Even then, it wasn’t easy. We landed at the restaurant that’s directly west of the race track, but landing at the race track itself could also work. Skilled players would probably get better loot landing in Paradise Palms proper but they run the risk of dying there.

Good luck with this one. You’ll need it.

Because completing this challenge requires players to have good gear, enemies are going to be more frustrating than ever before. Like me, when I single-shot sniped a guy when he was in the middle of doing a shooting gallery.

Despite the fact that this is the final week of Season 7 challenges, the season doesn’t actually end until February 27. Players might want to consider waiting until the last minute to complete this challenge. It’ll make their lives that much easier.

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