'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Landing Destinations: The 6 Most Underrated Ones

Try these spots out the next time you drop off the battle bus.

The first and perhaps most important choice that every player has to make in a Fortnite: Battle Royale match is when they’re going to leap out of the Battle Bus and which destination down on the island they’re going to aim for. How do you choose?

If you truly want to remove the burden that is your free will, you can ask Alexa to randomly choose for you. You could also head to whatever named locations are dictated by the weekly Challenges. Or you could just go to the always crowded Tilted Towers or the aptly named Fatal Fields. In Season 4, Dusty Divot also tends to get really crowded.

Keep in mind that the Battle Bus takes a different trajectory across the map at the start of each match, and probably something like half of all players deploy almost immediately. Based on the trajectory, you can safely bet they’ll be heading towards one of the aforementioned locations. And depending on that week’s Challenges, you’ll see an influx. Season 4, Week 2 had players loot Chests in Greasy Grove and get kills in Tomato Town, so naturally, more people landed there during the week.

But what if you wanted something a little more tactical and low key, where you can avoid too much confrontation while still stacking up on some decent loot? Here are a few great options for you to try out:

Landing northeast of Risky Reels and then working your way south through the area is a solid route in 'Fortnite'.

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6. Northeast of Risky Reels

If you’re looking for a low-pressure starting point for your Fortnite match, you can generally stick to the outermost areas on the map. Before Season 4, the northeast corner was perhaps the best place to do just this considering there weren’t any named locations. But since the addition of Risky Reels, it’s become a slightly more popular destination. That being said, the area even further northeast of that is still a solid starting point. There are a few sparse houses and an ice cream truck that sometimes spawns two Chests at once.

If you can get a sniper rifle and a good vantage point on the outskirts of Tilted Towers, then you're in good shape.

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5. Any Area on the Outskirts of Tilted Towers

Reason tells us that if lots of players land in a single area, many of them die pretty quickly and one player walks out with all the great loot. Tilted Towers is a city towards the middle of the map that attracts a lot of foot traffic in almost every match. As such, enough players have died there that it has a negative reputation — negative enough that players wanted it to get destroyed by the comet instead of Dusty Depot. But if you start somewhere like Shifty Shafts and then work your way north or alternatively start at the indoor sports complex west of Tilted Towers and then go east, you can sometimes get enough weapons and other loot that you can post up and take the Tilted survivor by surprise.

Junk Junction isn't all that bad, because it doesn't get much traffic, but the area just east can be a huge win for 'Fortnite' players.

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4. East of Junk Junction and Haunted Hills

In the far northwest of the map are Junk Junction and Haunted Hills towards the corner of the island. East of both is a tight group of ruined houses that spawns more Chests than they have any right to spawn. Almost nobody lands in this general area unless some kind of Challenge warrants it, so you really can’t go wrong exploring anything around here. Because it’s a graveyard with lots of tombstones, Haunted Hills actually has a lot of cover to work with in case you do encounter other players. But with this being the mountainous half of the island, you also get plenty of great vantage points you can use.

There's Flush Factory from 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' in all its glory, along with the starting island behind it.

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3. Hilltop Northeast of Flush Factory

There’s a tall hilltop just northeast of Flush Factory, which is itself one of the southernmost destinations. You’ll know you found it when you a regular stone formation with a lamp and some shopping carts next to it, but more importantly, there’s a “porcelain throne” toilet right in front of it. You can usually find a loot drop next to the toilet and a chest behind it, which should set you up nicely. You get a great vantage point over Flush Factory and the unnamed factory-like area to the east, both of which could be worth exploring. That other area can sometimes have as many as ten Chests in it, and considering how seldom players go there, it’s almost certainly worth your time.

Lucky Landing is just that in 'Fortnite' — lucky.

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2. Lucky Landing

This author has personally had a lot of luck at Lucky Landing, almost enough to make it his all-time favorite. A great method here is to aim for the red-brown spot just northeast of Lucky Landing on the map. It’s a tall, temple-like building. If you pickaxe your way through the roof, you can drop down a few stories and gradually make your way through the entire building. There are usually at least two Chests inside and plenty of floor loot. Be sure to check the stairs and don’t skip the basement. Directly northwest will be a small shrine-like structure up on a higher hill that sometimes has a Chest. From there, you can enter Lucky Landing proper form the northeast corner. This is a great method to follow with a squad, sending them into the opposite corners of Lucky Landing while you hit these sweet spots.

The Architect's House is perhaps our favorite unnamed location on the whole 'Fortnite' map.

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1. The Architect’s House

To the far northeast of the map lies the hallowed and unofficially named Architect’s House. Just northeast of Wailing Woods and directly east of Risky Reels, this location is a ruined house that is augmented by what looks like player-constructed wood panels. In most matches, the house will have up to three Chests, and if you land on the very top, you can work your way down for some great loot, including a Vending Machine in the back.

Because this is an outlier on the map, after you loot the house itself, you have several options. If pushed south, you can get lots of wood in the forest and loot the hedge maze at the center of Wailing Woods. You can also hug the coast to hit the huge wooden Fox. Alternatively, you can push northwest to a few sparse houses and other buildings — along with an ice cream truck that sometimes spawns two chests.

This unofficial name for this place originally came from somewhere on Reddit months ago, but the “Architect’s House” was perhaps popularized most by YouTuber Knockbump for his video published October 2017. This particular destination might be a little “mainstream,” but it remains this author’s all-time favorite.

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