'Fortnite' Meteor Will Probably Still Demolish Tilted Towers, Here's Why

The end is nigh.

Epic Games

A comet in the skies over the Fortnite: Battle Royale island has grown over the past few weeks and based on specific in-game clues, players assumed it would demolish Tilted Towers on April 18. Instead, all that happened was an increase in comets appearing in the sky and players themselves destroyed Tilted Towers to celebrate. Mass destruction, however, is probably still coming. It probably just won’t happen until the very end of Season 3, which is mere days away.

Just because April 18 has come and gone doesn’t rule out Tilted Towers’ demise via meteor impact. In fact, there’s still plenty of evidence to support the theory that its destruction is still imminent. The comets are still getting bigger and bigger, and despite Epic Games delivering a troll to theory-obsessed fans on Wednesday, things seem to only be getting worse as we head towards the end of the Season 3 Battle Pass on April 30.

Annihilation is probably still imminent for Tilted Towers in 'Fortnite'.

Epic Games

The whole reason everyone saw April 18 as so significant was because of a secret Morse Code message hidden in the game’s rumbles. It spelled out “SOSD5418,” with SOS being the universal distress call, D5 probably corresponding to the location of Tilted Towers on the Fortnite: Battle Royale map, and “418” most likely referring to “4/18,” or April 18. After April 18 ended with nothing in the way of mass destruction, fans assumed the whole thing was a hoax.

But what if it wasn’t? What if “4/18” merely corresponds to “April ‘18” instead, meaning the entire month of “April 2018?” That might mean the encoded message instead refers to some catastrophic event that will coincide with the end of Season 3 on April 30, which still falls within April 2018.

Some kind of large-scale destruction like this could forever change the Fortnite gaming experience, so it wouldn’t really make sense for developer Epic Games to do something like that when Season 3 still has 12 days left. Consider also that Season 3’s theme has been about “Space” all along, with Space Suit skins and even a Space Shuttle glider. A meteor crashing into the map could serve as a great way to cap this Space-themed season.

Perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence that a meteor strike remains imminent comes from an object supposedly hidden underneath Tilted Towers right now in the game’s files, originally discovered by redditor spar13:

Redditor spar13 supposedly found this Egg-shaped object located underneath Tilted Towers in the 'Fortnite' game files.

spar13 / Epic Games

We’d never actually see this kind of destruction happen first-hand in the game. It makes more sense for Epic Games to prep Fortnite for the upcoming destruction like this, by slowly introducing pieces of the new landscape into the game over time before the big unveiling. The likely explanation is that at the end of the season, the game will get a huge update. Tilted Towers will get removed and instead we’ll see a massive crater with this meteor at the center. Then it’ll usher in a whole new season with a somewhat new map. For all we know, maybe this object is an alien ship, and the theme for Season 4 is “Alien Invasion?”

There’s also a chance that Epic Games purposefully put this object into the game and leaked it just to drive fans wild.

Look for more news about Season 4 in the coming days, because it’ll start perhaps as early as May 1. The more likely kick-off date would be on Thursday, May 3 so as to give players a full week to tackle the Season 3 Week 10 Challenges, but there’s no way to know for sure just yet.

So get ready for what’s probably going to be a wickedly new Fortnite in Season 4.

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