Alexa Can Tell You Where to Drop in 'Fortnite,' But You'll Probably Die 

Google Home can do it too.

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Once you complete all or most of your challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale, perhaps the most anxiety-inducing part of the gaming experience is figuring out where you want to drop off the Battle Bus and skydive to on the island. Do you risk the intense opening frenzy of Tilted Towers that kills off roughly lots of players within minutes? Or do you go with something a little more low-risk, like the shoreline north of Wailing Woods? Now, Amazon Alexa can remove the onerous choice from your to-do list by making the decision for you — but it’s probably going to be bad advice.

“Fortnite Dropper” is a resource classified as an Alexa Skill or Google Home Action that’s been around since February, and it’ll tell you exactly where to drop in Fortnite: Battle Royale. There’s no complicated algorithm or strategy associated with Fortnite Dropper. Your smart-home devices randomly blurt out one named location on the Fortnite map out of the 18. To execute the function, it’s as simple as saying, “Hey Alexa, ask Fortnite Dropper where I should land!” She’ll tell you, and she’ll probably send you to your death in the process.

Figuring out where to land is the first harrowing experience you go through in every 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' match.

Epic Games

Fortnite Dropper obviously cannot take into account the trajectory of the Battle Bus in your match or how many players deploy to specific areas in real-time. For all you know, Alexa could send you directly into enemy fire resulting in your early death. Or she could send you to a safe destination with no competition and you’ll wind up winning. That’s the thing. It’s random, and the essence of randomness is absent of any coherent strategy.

But Fortnite Dropper is also designed to function with all sorts of common Fortnite: Battle Royale keywords and phrases, with our favorite being, “Ask Fortnite Dropper where we dropping boys!?” Now you and “the boys” will never have to choose for yourselves ever again. Now that’s kind of brilliant, and something I’ll totally tell the boys about.

For now, you probably should probably still just go to Tilted Towers for the foreseeable future. After all, most people think it’ll get leveled by a meteor any day now, so you probably have a limited number of chances left. There’ll be plenty of time for randomness once Season 4 starts sometime in early May.

Fortnite Dropper is available via Google Assistant and Amazon as an Alexa Skill

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