Squad Up: Playing 'Fortnite' With Patrick Warburton

"Anytime I sit down it's just amateur hour."

Patrick Warburton has played a lot of different characters, both in live-action and animated. He even voices someone in Activision’s popular video game series, Skylanders, but in real life, the only game Warburton is interested in playing is backgammon on his smartphone.

“I’m addicted to backgammon,” he tells Inverse on the topic of video game before pulling out his smartphone and firing up a game.

Still, when we asked the voice of iconic characters like Joe in Family Guy and Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove to join us for a round of Fortnite: Battle Royale he jumped in without hesitation.

These days, most of Warburton’s exposure comes via his four children.

“My kids, they play video games four hours a day, five hours a day,” he says. “If you do anything in the world four or five hours a day, that makes you a professional.”

Warburton is busy with his career (he just starred in the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix), but he’ll occasionally make time to play a few rounds of whatever the new game is with his kids.

“Anytime I sit down it’s just amateur hour,” he says. “I mean they were beating me at Frogger years ago. It’s just I have no inclination to sit down and just get beat constantly. I’m such a dad. It just passes me by.”

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