'Rage 2' Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Plot, Multiplayer, DLC, and More

The end of the world is almost here.

Rage 2 is still a few months from launch, but there’s plenty we can say about the Bethesda game (from id Software and Avalanche Studios) right now. After checking out an early beta of the game and speaking with id Software boss Tim Willits, we’re ready to share everything we know about Rage 2, from release date and pre-order details to the developer’s plans for DLC and microtransactions.

What’s the Rage 2 Release Date?

Rage 2 launches on May 14. If you pre-order the game ahead of time you’ll also get access to an exclusive mission “Cult of the Death God,” a Settler’s Pistol weapon, Nicolas Raine Armor, and a Monster Truck vehicle.

If you’re ready to commit and pre-order Rage 2 now you can head to Bethesda’s website.

Is There a Trailer for Rage 2?

Several, actually. Bethesda announced Rage 2 with an initial live-action trailer that you can check out at the top of this page. There’s also a second trailer that plays up Rage 2’s open-world gameplay, which you can watch right here:

Is Rage 2 on Steam?

Not, at least not yet. Rage 2 is launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows through Bethesda’s own launcher. Unfortunately for anyone who prefers using Steam, that won’t be an option at release. It’s possible this could change eventually, but for now you’re out of luck.

Can I See Some Rage 2 Gameplay?

Sure thing, we recently published a hands-on review after spending some time playing Rage 2 at a press event. You can check out the full article right here, and watch a gameplay compilation video below. Just note that the game was still in beta at this point and may need a little polishing in some areas.

What’s the Plot of Rage 2?

Rage 2 is a sequel of sorts to Rage, picking up 30 years after the original game. The series is set in a universe where an asteroid crashes on Earth and wipes out most of the population. However, some humans also survive by staying in Ark, which are basically giant bunkers buried under ground to ensure that human civilization continues.

Rage took place shortly after the asteroid crash and focused on a militaristic evil organization called the Authority that was determined to control the post-apocalypse world. At the end of the game, you strike a blow against the Authority, but in Rage 2 the bad buys returns.

In the new game you play as Walker, and as the game begins the Authority carries out a decimating attack against your hometown. This sets you out on an adventure to take out the Authority through the top secret Operation Dagger. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter returning Rage characters along with plenty of new ones as you work to save the post-apocalypse from evil.

Does Rage 2 Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Nope. Like most games from id Software and parent company Bethesda, this is a single-player experience. However, Rage 2 will feature some sort of “social component” that will connect gamers.

id Software studio boss Tim Willits confirmed the news in an interview with Eurogamer, but declined to reveal exactly what the company had planned.

“There’s not a true what I call ‘classic’ multiplayer,” he said. “So you’re not running around together with your friends.”

Will Rage 2 Have DLC?

Yes, the developer plans to offer downloadable content to keep Rage 2 players engaged, but it’s unclear exactly what that means at the moment. At a press event in January, id Software said it was still figuring out exactly what kind of DLC to offer, though it did say that at least some of these game-expanding updates will be free. At the same time, you can also expect some sort of microtransactions in Rage 2.