'Star Wars: Episode 9' Super Bowl Trailer Release Date: Here's the Truth

The Force is NOT strong with this rumor.

The Force is not strong with any rumors regarding a Star Wars: Episode IX title announcement or even teaser trailers during the Super Bowl. In fact, it seems like we won’t get anything Star Wars-related at all during the big game.

Deadline reported Monday that “despite the buzz” about a potential Star Wars: Episode IX teaser or trailer airing during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, their sources confirmed that it wouldn’t be the case.

This supports our previous suspicions that the entire Star Wars Super Bowl rumor was merely the work of Mike Zeroh, a YouTuber who publishes blatantly false click bait videos pretending that he has some kind of inside source.

The only real evidence to support Lucasfilm debuting any Episode IX footage at all was that last year’s Super Bowl featured the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, that was for a film scheduled for release in May. Episode IX doesn’t release until December. So it’s far more likely that we won’t see a trailer until Star Wars Celebration in April.

Yoda is disappointed with all of these aggressive rumors.


One possibility, however, is that we’ll get a title announcement much sooner than April. I’ve previously speculated based on Lucasfilm and Disney’s history of marketing the core Star Wars movies that we’re just about due for a title announcement.

The Last Jedi was announced as a title roughly 11 months before the film’s release, and we got the first teaser not long after that. So comparing it to that timeline, early February is the perfect time to announce the title. But rather than some kind of teaser stunt, it seems more likely that the title will just be announced via social media and a blog post.

The overall lesson here is to be increasingly skeptical about any and all Episode IX rumors because many of them originate with Mike Zeroh, who by all accounts just seems to be making stuff up to rack up more views on his YouTube channel without caring at all about the truth.

Forget Kylo Ren. Maybe Zeroh’s the real villain of Episode IX?

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release December 20, 2019.

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