'Fortnite' Week 9 Secret Battle Star Location: Loading Screen Video Guide

Leaky Lake sure is getting a lot of attention these days.

The ongoing “Hunting Party” challenges in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale take on a totally new, unsettling meaning in the Season 6 Week 9 loading screen. Maybe it’s the heroes that are being hunted rather than the monsters?

The rollout for Season 6, Week 9 challenges remained on Thursday, November 22, the day of Thanksgiving in America. We have data-miners to be thankful for this year because the Week 9 Hunting Party loading screen leaked last week.

Dexerto shared the leaked image last week, so we know that the Week 9 loading screen is linked to the one from Week 8 in a similar way that Weeks 9 and 10 of Season 5 were connected, telling a continuous story.

Week 8 depicted the new A.I.M. robot scanning the Fortnite island having just landed in Flush Factory. But here, in Week 9, the same robot is actively hunting Calamity and Deadfire as they enjoy a tender moment inside the new Leaky Lake.

The secret Battle Star for the Week 9 Hunting Party Challenge can be found in northwest Leaky Lake.

Epic Games

Calamity marvels at the glowing flower, Deadfire looks at the sunset, and they’re both unaware as that creepy robot approaches from the northwest. Tucked behind the cowboy and cowgirl is the clue, right inside a red grill in the northwestern part of the area.

Leaky Lake, of course, is just west of the map’s center, and the red grill is fairly easy to spot from the sky.

The Week 9 Hunting Party Secret Battle Star is really easy to find.

Epic Games

From an alternate perspective, just look on the northern side of a protruding ledge right around there, and it’ll be tucked right under it.

Watch out because Leaky Lake is a high-traffic area these days.

Epic Games

Don’t forget that claiming this secret Battle Star as part of the Hunting Party Challenge is only possible after a player completes all seven of the Week 9 challenges. Those should unlock Friday morning at the usual 9 a.m. Eastern start time, so claiming the Battle Star won’t be possible until later.

Season 6 is slated to end on or around December 5, so there isn’t that much time left before Season 7 introduces even more changes to the world of Fortnite and kicks off a whole new series of challenges to complete.

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