Aliens, Bigfoot, and Atlantis: 21 Mind-Blowing “Facts” From David Childress

“The Moon is artificial, perhaps.”

Aside from Giorgio Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens consulting producer and talking head David Childress is one of the History Channel series’ biggest stars and a meme onto himself. He’s also one of the show’s most reliably out-there experts, casually tossing out mind-blowing “facts” (Sasquatch is an alien, the Moon is a hollow space station) so quickly you barely have enough time to process each claim before the next one hits.

In a 21-minute interview with Inverse at AlienCon Baltimore, Childress spoke for almost 21 minutes straight, only pausing for the occasional moment when I chimed in for clarification on some far-out concept he was ready to gloss over. So rather than attempt to distill the experience into a single coherent story, here are 21 mind-blowing statements from Childress (one for each minute of the interview).

1. The Government Knows Aliens Are Real

“UFOs are generally real, “Childress says. “The Air Force and Navy all admit that, yes there are UFOs. The government knows so much more, which, naturally they have to keep secret. So you have a cover-up in a sense. The government is not telling us everything they know.”

2. The Government Is Preparing Us for a Big Reveal

“They’re prepping us in a social way to think, we’re not alone in the universe,” Childress says, referencing the popular concept of Disclosure. “Aliens are coming here visiting our planet. They have been for millions of years, and that’s Disclosure, where the government says, ‘Yes, we’ve been lying to you. We had our reasons but now we’re coming clean.’”

3. Hollywood Is in on It Too

“In my mind, Hollywood is part of it,” Childress says. “Star Trek, sci-fi movies, television shows, many of the films like Independence Day or Mars Attacks. The message is clear: Aliens are here, be afraid.”

4. Aliens Aren’t the Enemy

“That’s one scenario. I think the other side of it — which is more where I would go — is extraterrestrials are here but we don’t need to be afraid. They’re not trying to take our planet from us.”

5. Alien Abductions Already Happen Too

“I’m a believer in something like that. Extraterrestrials are here. Perhaps they are abducting some people.”

6. Aliens Have Been Genetically Modifying Us

“Perhaps we’ve been genetically manipulated by them in the past. Currently there can be the idea of alien and human hybrids, like a new race.”

7. Bigfoot Is Real

Childress is a bit of a Sasquatch expert. He’s written several books on the subject and becomes visibly excited when the topic comes up.

“There’s allegedly this missing link and they say they can’t find it,” he says. “We’re related to the greater apes but there’s got to be some missing link between them and us. What would that be in my mind is Sasquatch or Bigfoot.”

When it comes the mythical creature, there’s very little doubt in his mind.

“To me Sasquatch is real, Yetis and whatnot,” Childress says before admitting, “I’ve never seen Sasquatch.”

8. We’re All Related to Bigfoot, Who’s Also Part Alien

“We’re all descended from Bigfoot,” Childress says, clarifying a previous statement suggest that humanity’s missing link might also be part-alien. “Everything on planet Earth is extraterrestrial. Life is alien.”

9. Bigfoot Is Scary

“It’s very frightening,” Childress says, referencing information he’s gleaned from interviews with other people who claim to have seen Sasquatch in person. “When I talk to people it’s the most frightening thing that’s ever happened to them. Often times they’re armed. They’re hunters carrying rifles, but they’re extremely frightened.”

10. Aliens Are Still Bringing Extraterrestrial Life to Earth

“They can be bringing different species here, even from other planets. They’re carbon-based life similar to us. It could be coming from our of our solar system. Many people believe that, and I do.”

11. Aliens Look Like Us, Probably

“Life around the universe is very similar, and extraterrestrials are going to look similar to us. They’ll be humanoid, but in other cases, they could be aquatic species.”

12. Aliens can Cure Human Diseases

“Their hospitals are in spaceships or under the ocean. Whatever you’ve got, there’s medication to heal it. I’ve know of incidents where they had some extraterrestrial encounter and they’re completely cured and doctors can’t really explain it. Things like that happen all the time. People who have a month to live and suddenly they’re totally healthy and their doctors are baffled. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with extraterrestrials.”

13. Atlantis…

“When did we get out of our caves and start doing stuff? That was only 9000 BC, but the story of Atlantis is from 20,000 years ago. We were doing stuff. We were making roads. Building Bridges building forts. What were people doing something in about 50,000 BC? Atlantis.”

14. Aliens Are Always Watching Us

“There is perhaps never a time on this planet where aliens weren’t watching us, and they’re watching us now — in my mind — as parents who watch their children. They care about us. They want to help us, but rather than just coming down and giving us a house to live in, they want us to build our own house.”

15. The Moon Might Be a Conspiracy

“The Moon itself is so amazing and mysterious. Scientists can’t really explain our moon very well. Scientist want the moon to be from the Earth, but in the seventies, NASA said the Moon wasn’t part of the Earth, and it’s is older than the Earth. They said the Moon was some kind of captured satellite that came and got in the orbit around our planet.”

16. The Moon Might Be Also an Artificial Space Station

“The Moon is artificial, perhaps. They think the moon might be hollow. When they landed during the Apollo missions, command modules were crashing to the Moon and it rang like a bell for like an hour [that’s actually sort of true]. That’s why they thought it was hollow, maybe. There’s also some craters on the Moon that they can’t find bottoms to [definitely not true]. So they think these are entrances into the hollow Moon. If you were an extraterrestrial with tremendous technology, if you want to look and watch planet Earth, the Moon is the perfect place.”

17. How to Make a Hollow Moon

“Like a glass blower blows glass, you go out into the asteroid belt, get yourself an asteroid, and with your alien technology you superheat that asteroid. Then you blow into it to make a giant space station. It’d be very much like our moon. You’d have craters and volcanic areas. Now they’re even saying there could be water on the Moon. No matter what the Moon is, where it came from, how old it is, the Moon is a perfect place to view our planet.”

18. Cro-Magnon Was Smarter Than Us

“Cro-Magnon was taller had a bigger brain than people [true], with the same capacity to think and be imaginative.”

19. Russians Are More Into Aliens than Americans

“It’s only natural for people to wonder about aliens. Russians also very much so, perhaps more than Americans because the communist government tried to get people out of their Orthodox religious beliefs.” [I couldn’t find any proof of this, but communist China is going all in on aliens]

20. He Never Expected *Ancient Aliens to Last this Long

“I’ve been surprised it’s continued for 13 Seasons. So it’s really a show that has legs, while others have come and gone even. Think of Star Trek. When it aired originally in the sixties, that only went on for three years or so.”

21. He Doesn’t Love Being a Meme

“I’m a writer. I’m the author of over 30 books.”

Ok, so that’s not a clear rebuke of his online fame, but it’s the most Childress would say when asked about his viral success. At the very least, he managed to make it through 21 minutes of conversation without using his three favorite words.