'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Release Date Set for January 2019

You will not have to wait long to watch the return of Young Justice. The next season of the cult hit DC superhero series will premiere its third season, titled Outsiders, on the DC Universe subscription platform on January 4, 2019.

On Friday, DC and Warner Bros. gave fans a weekend surprise when it released a brief, cryptic teaser trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders, the next new season of Young Justice. The new season arrives a little over five years after the original show was canceled on Cartoon Network in 2013.

There isn’t a lot going on in the teaser itself, but its sort of generic CGI DNA imagery emphasizes the new season’s story on metahumans (DCU speak for superpowered people). In Young Justice: Outsiders, the teenaged crimefighters will investigate the impact of Season 2 villains The Reach unlocking humanity’s “metagene,” the advanced step in evolution that awakens dangerous superpowers within human beings.

As the season’s “Outsiders” title suggests, the series will introduce an iteration of the Outsiders, a superhero team from the comics formed by Batman and made up of heroes who aren’t quite in-league with the Justice League.

While the comic book Outsiders had heroes like Katana, Black Lightning, and Metamorpho, the TV Outsiders will be made up of existing Young Justice characters working alongside newcomers. The team will be made up of Nightwing (Jesse McCartney), Superboy (Nolan North), the hero formerly known as Artemis, Tigress (Stephanie Lemelin), Forager (Jason Spisak), Halo (Zehra Fazal), and Geo-Force (Troy Baker).

The cast of characters in DC's 'Young Justice: Outsiders.'DC Entertainment

Young Justice: Outsiders as among the new exclusive shows announced for DC Universe when the service was announced over the summer. A preview clip featuring Nightwing in a new, sleeker costume was previously released by DC in August. You can see that clip below.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere January 4, 2019.