Exclusive: Rob Tanchum's New Rap Song Perfectly Channels 'Rick and Morty'

A hilariously catchy sci-fi comedy track about pooping your pants.

It’s hard not to feel Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon’s influence as executive producer on Rob Tanchum’s sci-fi comedy album when there’s an entire track called “Poop in Ya Pants Dance.” Inverse has the exclusive preview for this total earworm full of poop jokes.

Tanchum’s album Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate is slated for release on Wednesday, November 14. The intensely self-deprecating concept album riffs on a line from Seinfeld where George Constanza exclaims, “I’m disturbed, I’m depressed, I’m inadequate — I’ve got it all!” Tanchum raps his way through the album, simulating the experiences of “a depressed loser from Earth” who gets abducted by alien scientists (one of which is Dan Harmon) so they might “probe his unconscious mind and extract a concept album of self-loathing, id-driven rap songs.” In short, it’s the kind of stuff Rick Sanchez plays to relax.

“Poop in Ya Pants Dance” (track 8 of 11) dives right into the overarching theme of self-loathing to deliver a catchy song all about making pooping ya pants totally acceptable, or moreso “to make you look real cool when you crap your pants.”

Believe it or not, song about poop is a total earworm.

Narratively speaking, “Poop Ya Pants Dance” is a song that someone might have the DJ play if they pooped their pants in the club because it instantly makes the phenomenon seem so cool that everyone will start doing it. The lyrics will probably also feel familiar to anyone who remembers Kanye West’s questionable surprise track, “Lift Yourself.”

“One, two, shoopty doop / everybody in the place take a big ol’ poop. Now say three, four, slip-slop galore / someone call the janitor in to mop the floor.”

The sci-fi infused, potty mouth humor is deeply reminiscent of what we might get from Rick and Morty, but whereas Harmon’s show takes itself less seriously when going there, Tanchum’s usage of self-defecation elevates the comedic value by getting very serious.

This same delusion of pooping on the floor is deliberately explored in Rick and Morty plenty of times. Rick Sanchez pooped all over the Vindicators command center in “Vindicators 3,” and there’s also the glaring fact that the famous “Get Schwifty” song also grapples heavily with pooping on the floor.

“Take off your pants and your panties. / Shit on the floor. / Time to get Schwifty in here / Gotta shit on the floor.”

Tanchum’s excellent comedy album is full of songs like “Poop Ya Pants Dance,” and each one is far more enjoyable than “Get Schwifty” with much more ingenious variety in styles, tones, and content. Tanchum’s music wields depression and misery like weapons against these alien invaders, and with just a touch of self-loathing, the perspective should resonate with the same audience that gravitates towards the nihilism of Rick and Morty like a moth to the flame.

Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate drops on November 14.

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